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Important Topics Leaders Should Cover When Meeting With Their Team

A weekly check-in, daily call, or monthly status-of-the-business meeting are all ways a leader can communicate with their teams. As a leader, are you addressing their concerns or putting them to sleep? Your team needs to know you value their time and appreciate their hard work. Team meetings can be a great time to do that. Here are some important topics to discuss when you call a meeting:

Nursing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Each year brings about new trends within any given field. From revolutionary technology to procedural changes, you want to be the one in front of the trend, not lagging behind. Nursing is no different. Here are some of the predicted trends for 2018. Various areas within the medical field will see some of these same trends, while others may see them in different ways.

Reasons to Be Glad You Chose a Career in Pharmacy

It’s always a good thing to like your job. There will be ups and downs but for the most part, you should end the day feeling as though you accomplished your tasks. Choosing a career in pharmacy will have positive and negative aspects, but it can be very rewarding.

Challenges to Overcome for Successful Employee Onboarding

People change jobs more often than they used as job satisfaction is more important to job seekers today.  Gone are the days of an employee sticking with a company for a lifetime; that means the onboarding process for HR departments needs to be more effective. Training new employees takes time and money, which can detract from the daily progress of the team.

Pharmacy Trends Predicted for 2018

Each new year brings about the opportunity for fresh ideas, hot trends and innovation. In the medical field, there are several areas worth watching in 2018. The world of pharmaceuticals has seen some major changes in the past couple of months, and this year will be indicative of how these changes will be implemented.

Tips for Hiring the Right Office Staff for Your Dental Office

Hiring the right person for your dental office is one of the most important tasks you’ll undertake. By knowing what you need, you’ll save time and money in the long run. The right people can help your practice run like clockwork on a daily basis, keep your patients happy and well-cared for and continue to grow your investment.

The Hottest Hiring Trends of 2018

Every year we hear about the latest and greatest trends to watch for in all areas of life, and the staffing world is no different. As a hiring specialist, it may not seem important to stay up on all these trends; after all, your job process is pretty much the same, search, search, search, make an offer, and hopefully, hire. By ignoring the trends, however, you might be missing out on some solid ways to improve your process and find some hidden talent.

How to Choose the Best Job References

Just when you might feel like giving up, you get some good news! A potential employer liked your background and would like to contact your references to learn more about you. These references are extremely important in the final selection process. Do you have these readily available? You don’t want to create a delay or appear unprepared.

How to Identify Top Performers in Your Company

Are you able to identify the top performers in your company? It’s important to recognize and reward their contributions and regularly communicate with them. Otherwise, they might begin to feel as if you’re taking their dedication for granted. Here are six characteristics of top performers you don’t want to overlook.

Tips for Succeeding as a Laboratory Technician

In addition to knowing the education requirements for becoming a laboratory technician, it’s important to understand how to succeed in the career. What’s involved? Here are five tips for success.