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Five Types of Follow-Up Emails to Send After a Job Interview

In this digital age, learning the appropriate ways to follow up after a job interview is important. In the past, you were encouraged to send a hand-written note. While that is still acceptable, things can move pretty fast. You want to stay on the radar of the hiring manager, and that means sending the right email, which depends on the type of interview. Here are five guidelines for sending that all-important follow-up email after a job interview.

How to Keep Your Employees Safe in the Workplace

As a leader, you work daily to maintain a workplace where your team feels safe and secure. You make sure all the training is completed for workplace safety, workplace relationships and even ensure your team has a safe place to voice their concerns without repercussions. But, how do you keep the unknown variables from within or outside your organization from harming your team?

The Benefits of Having One on One Meetings With Employees

Like most leaders, you are probably short on time in your day, so you might decide to have group meetings. This can be beneficial for team morale, but keep in mind there are several benefits of having one on one meetings with each of your employees.

What You Should Do as a Passive Job Seeker

You might love your job, never want to leave and know your management has no intention of letting you go, so why should you keep up with your resume, professional profiles and networks? For starters, even if you think your job is secure and you love it, you can never be 100 percent sure your job will always be there for you.

How to Set New Hires Up for Success From Day One

After months of searching, interviews and phone calls, you’ve hired a strong candidate. They’ve expressed their desire to be a long-term team member, and you want to get them started on the right foot. Their first week will be more than just a blur of paperwork, introductions and expectations; if you want to achieve success from day one, here are some actions to ensure your new hire becomes the integral member of your team you need them to be.

Reasons You May Want to Change Jobs

It might sound like a strange thing to say, but there are legitimate reasons you may want to change jobs. These reasons range from personal to professional and sometimes simply it is about your financial situation.

How Managers Can Build a Positive Relationship With Their Employees

A positive workplace environment starts with leadership. Whether you have a team of five or 500, the relationship you have with your employees will determine the success of your company. A positive relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always see eye-to-eye or even like each other all the time, but there will be respect and a long-term feeling of well-being. Try some of these tips to create the kind of encouraging relationship you want to have:

How to Create a Great Resume With a Flawed Work History

You’re a unique job candidate. Your resume may reflect a background that looks less than perfect, but it has shaped you into the amazing employee are you today. Maybe you’ve had some ups and downs in your work history, but through each one, you’ve learned, gained experience and created a strong network. This type of work history can be hard to portray on a resume, somehow putting some of that on paper doesn’t always seem to look right.

Acing a Phone Interview With a Recruiter

Your resume has caught the eye of a recruiter. That’s great news! They want to schedule an in-person, call, Skype or other type of initial interaction. You need to impress them, no question about it. They are the go-between for you and the hiring company.

Are You Familiar With The Three “Rs” of Resume Writing?

You’ll find lots of information on writing a solid resume. It can get tedious and even confusing on what the latest advice is and how you should adapt it to your resume. If you like to keep things simple, here are three easy points to remember about writing and presenting your resume, reminiscent of your grade school days.