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Are You Investing in Employee Happiness? If Not, You Should!

Why do you need to invest in employee happiness? The reasons you should start are basic but can affect so much of your business. This is more than just free stuff or higher pay; many times happiness comes from unexpected places for your team.

Important Skills You Can Learn Quickly to Help Your Career

You’ve completed your education, worked hard to get where you are now, but you may want more out of your career. Luckily, there are important skills you can learn on the weekends, for minimal amounts of money and with no prior experience. Learning these skills can help take your career to the next level and have you on an upward trajectory for senior positions and promotions.

Reasons You Should Reject a Job Candidate

What if you could reject job candidates easier and move right to the qualified ones? Try using this list of reasons to reject job applicants to help narrow the field before the first interview and even after the first meeting:

Setting Your Career Goals For 2019

Whether you decide to make drastic changes or some simple ones to make your life better in 2019, setting these career goals doesn’t have to take a lot of time or feel tedious.

Tips For Promoting Creativity Among Your Employees

There are ways to be creative in the healthcare industry and have it be a positive thing. Here are seven tips for promoting creativity among your employees that will promote personal growth, improve morale and better the care you provide patients.

Tips for Working in a Medical Office

We’ve compiled some tips to help you perform at the highest level in your medical office job. After all, you want to provide your patients with the best care as well as take care of your physical and mental needs, so you can perform at your best.

How to Keep Your Employees in the Loop

. Keeping your employees in the loop will ensure continuity throughout, which leads to greater success. Consistent communication is the foundation for a strong team, but finding the best method will be key. Here are four options to try with your team.

Why You Should Follow the 30-60-90 Plan When Starting a New Job

It’s time to start your new job. Exciting as it may be, it’s normal to also feel nervous. Your life will change with a new routine, new expectations and increased life demands. The most effective way to maneuver through these changes will be personal organization. There is a 30/60/90 plan you can use to make sure you are delivering the best results in your job performance and your life.

Tips for Interviewing Entry-Level Candidates

When you gather candidates for a new position, it can be difficult to determine the most efficient way to vet them. Entry-level candidates can be a difficult read during the interview process. In fact, this group of candidates can prove to be difficult to interview. They may be very nervous, especially if this is their first round of job interviews, and they may not be comfortable giving thorough answers or go off track due to being nervous.

How to Get Your First Job as a Nurse

You’ve made it through years of school, hours of studying and many late nights worrying about your new career. Now it’s time to start this exciting new chapter of your life, yet you might be a bit unsure of how to get your first job as a nurse. Here are some simple tips for getting your first nursing job, even with no experience.


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