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How To Find Your First Job After Finishing School

You’ve made it! Everyone is congratulating you, but you’re probably wondering, now what? You know you’re supposed to get a job, but how do you find that? Enjoy the feeling of success upon finishing school, and then dig in to landing that great first job. Here are seven steps you can take to help you find gainful employment after school:

What To Avoid When Hiring a Dental Hygienist

Bringing a new team member into your practice is a big step. Whether it is the first hire or a much-needed addition to a growing practice, this person needs to be the right fit, and you hope to find it on the first try. Taking your time is not always an option, here are some things to avoid when hiring a dental hygienist so you can move forward with caring for patients and building your business….

The Benefits of Working for a Leader Who Supports You

Support, in the workplace, can come in many forms. You might have schedule flexibility, the latest and greatest in technology or complete backing with new ideas. In whatever way it is displayed, you’ll be able to spot a leader-supported team from miles away.

Hiring Candidates Who are Unemployed vs. Employed But Looking

Unemployed. Does that word bring up negative feelings when you read it on a resume? Maybe you think of a lazy person or someone who quits jobs for trivial reasons. While that can be the case for some candidates, it is not the norm these days.

How to Increase Productivity Without Experiencing Burnout

If you want to increase productivity, you need to know how and when to rest. Try these three ways to be productive without burning out.

If Candidates Aren’t Applying For Your Jobs, Here’s Why

You’ve posted the job, made it easy to read, attractive to potential candidates and yet, no one is finishing their application. What are you doing wrong?

The Importance of Investing in Employee Satisfaction

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about low salaries and high employee turnover rate, but let’s tell the truth: engaged, happy employees rarely leave. There are some instances where pay does affect your employees, but it is not the deciding factor for most. Being unhappy, unappreciated AND underpaid are the main reasons your team members will leave.

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Job Search Tactics You Should Be Avoiding

It’s no secret that hunting for a job isn’t the most fun activity you can do in your life but it is a necessary one. After sending in your 14th application to an anonymous online job posting, you might be feeling a bit of hopelessness. Is it possible you are going about all this the wrong way? Is there a way to make your job search more productive? Yes, yes, yes. While there is no exact recipe for success, here are some definite job search tactics to avoid…

Do’s and Don’ts For Your First Day of Work

A new job is a fresh start, a doorway to so many exciting possibilities. On your first day, you probably know to arrive on time, dress appropriately, and take plenty of notes, but here are eight more things to keep in mind for that first day of work (they might be helpful throughout your career as well).