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Tips for Interviewing Entry-Level Candidates

When you gather candidates for a new position, it can be difficult to determine the most efficient way to vet them. Entry-level candidates can be a difficult read during the interview process. In fact, this group of candidates can prove to be difficult to interview. They may be very nervous, especially if this is their first round of job interviews, and they may not be comfortable giving thorough answers or go off track due to being nervous.

How to Get Your First Job as a Nurse

You’ve made it through years of school, hours of studying and many late nights worrying about your new career. Now it’s time to start this exciting new chapter of your life, yet you might be a bit unsure of how to get your first job as a nurse. Here are some simple tips for getting your first nursing job, even with no experience.

Four Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Job Interviews

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehension and nerves when you’re going into a job interview. While these nerves can sometimes be helpful to keep you on your toes, they can be detrimental as well. Keeping your fears in check will benefit you in the job interview process, and here are four tips for doing just that.

Nursing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

As the year comes to a close, the healthcare field is preparing for what the new year will bring. Changes, sometimes good and sometimes bad, mean adapting to what is put in front of you. I the world of medicine, it is critical to stay ahead of the trends.

How to Help Your Employees Improve Their Customer Service Skills

No matter what business you’re in, customer service is an important aspect of what you provide. The customer-facing part of your team should have extensive training and knowledge on how to provide stellar service to your customers. As the leader of your team, there are ways you can help your employees represent you and your ideals on a daily basis.

Tips for Interviewing for a Job Promotion

It’s an exciting time when you’re up for a job promotion. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and now you want to ace this interview. You aren’t a stranger to interviewing if you already have a job, but in this situation, you will want to stand out as someone who is a top contender for the promotion. Here are some tips:

The Difference Between Recruiting Active and Passive Job Seekers

The truth is, you are simply trying to find the best candidate for your open position. You want someone who fits the necessary skill set as well as someone with loyal intentions who will add to your team. You might not care whether they are an active or passive job seeker, but understanding where they are in their job search will help you approach them effectively.

Important Skills All Medical Billers Should Have

There is more to medical billing than simply sitting at a computer and typing. It is a rewarding career that you can do, usually from the comfort of your own home. If you are considering a career in medical billing, here are some important skills you should have:

Five Types of Follow-Up Emails to Send After a Job Interview

In this digital age, learning the appropriate ways to follow up after a job interview is important. In the past, you were encouraged to send a hand-written note. While that is still acceptable, things can move pretty fast. You want to stay on the radar of the hiring manager, and that means sending the right email, which depends on the type of interview. Here are five guidelines for sending that all-important follow-up email after a job interview.

How to Keep Your Employees Safe in the Workplace

As a leader, you work daily to maintain a workplace where your team feels safe and secure. You make sure all the training is completed for workplace safety, workplace relationships and even ensure your team has a safe place to voice their concerns without repercussions. But, how do you keep the unknown variables from within or outside your organization from harming your team?


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