7 Things Highly Productive People Do

You probably don’t want to admit it but you love distractions. In fact, just like monkeys, you get a shot of dopamine every time something pulls you in another direction. Why do you think you check your email so much? Want to be more productive and get your focus back? There are no secret tricks here… do one thing at a time. Stop multitasking—it’s just another form of distraction. Easier said than done, I know.

How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

Two people of equal skill work in the same office. For the sake of comparison, let's say both arrive at work at 9 am each day, and leave at 7 pm. Bill works essentially without stopping, juggling tasks at his desk and running between meetings all day long. He even eats lunch at his desk. Sound familiar?

The Benefits of Eating Mediterranean Style

Heading out to dinner tonight but don’t know where to go? If you want to stick to your weight-loss goals while dining out, a good bet is to choose a Mediterranean-style restaurant. Here’s why:

Drink Coffee, Stay Happy?

4 Cups Daily Linked With 20% Lower Risk of Depression in Women, but Mental Health Expert Urges Caution. Some coffee drinkers may have a reason to smile -- or keep smiling. Drinking several cups a day is linked with a lower risk of depression, according to a new study that

Food labelling shake-up call after UK nut probe

Council chiefs in Bath (UK) have called for food labelling to be tightened up after finding traces of nuts in chocolate sold in the area. All 35 chocolate products tested for Bath and North East Somerset Council contained the warning “may contain nuts”. But the council is backing a call by the Food Standards Agency for allergy warnings on packaging to be reassessed amid confusion over the different phrases used by manufacturers. Of the tested products, six (17 per cent) had traces of nuts - with all of them containing hazelnuts, one peanut traces and two elements of almonds. The council says its research echoes the concerns raised by the FSA, which found that “may contain” warning messages were leading to complacency and confusion amongst consumers, particularly young adults such as students about to start independent living for the first time.

7 Foods That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Lowering your cholesterol levels is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Today, more than 102 million American adults (20 years of age or older) have total cholesterol levels at or above 200 mg/dL, which is above healthy levels. More than 35 million of these people have levels of 240 mg/dL or higher, which puts them at high risk for heart disease. Many more millions of Americans have high cholesterol and don’t even know it. This month marks National Cholesterol Education Month, so what better time to take preventive steps to reduce your heart disease risk and the chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Write an Exceptional Nursing Resume

....Whether you are a new nursing grad or ready to dust off your resume and look for new opportunities, you must be able to showcase your talents in a concise, well-organized, and professional manner. Here’s how:

Which side are you on? Apple Juice & Arsenic: Dr. Besser vs. Dr. Oz

Where do you stand on the Dr. Besser vs. Dr. Oz debate? In a spirited showdown on "Good Morning America " today, ABC News Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser confronted Dr. Mehmet Oz on what he called "extremely irresponsible" statements made on "The Dr. Oz Show" show Wednesday concerning arsenic in apple juice.

Healthcare Staffing on the Rise in 2011

Along with an improving economy and a declining national unemployment rate, there’s another positive indicator that bodes well for the U.S. healthcare industry.

National Pharmacist Day 2011

National Pharmacist Day is honors pharmacists, and recognizes their important role in medical care. A Pharmacist must be knowledgeable of the chemistry of all medicines. They can inform you of a drugs' side effects, and all aspects of prescription medicine. Very importantly, they understand and recognize the inter-action of drugs together...many people take numerous drugs.

National Pharmacist Day recognizes this important role. If you are in the pharmacy today, make sure to wish your pharmacist a good day.