Where do you stand on the Dr. Besser vs. Dr. Oz debate? 

In a spirited showdown on "Good Morning America " today, ABC News Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser confronted Dr. Mehmet Oz on what he called "extremely irresponsible" statements made on "The Dr. Oz Show" show Wednesday concerning arsenic in apple juice.
"Mehmet, I'm very upset about this, I think that this was extremely irresponsible," Besser said. "It reminds me of yelling fire in a movie theater."
"I'm not fear-mongering," Oz fired back. "We did our homework on this risk."
Oz's appearance on "GMA" is the latest development in a story that likely has many parents on edge about whether to continue serving apple juice to their children.
Oz and his producers drew criticism on Wednesday for a show focusing on the dangers of trace levels of arsenic present in many popular brands of apple juice. Juice manufacturers, government regulators, and scientists said the results of what the program called its "extensive national investigation" discussed in Wednesday's episode of the "Dr. Oz Show" were misleading and needlessly frightening to consumers.
In a statement released Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said... (Click to read full article)
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