Tips to be a Successful Surgical Tech

With a growth rate of 12% over the next ten years through 2026, surgical technologists are widely needed across medical facilities. Being a surgical tech can be a challenging career, but equally as rewarding. If you’ve already begun the process of becoming a surgical tech, have an established career as a technologist, or looking to become one, here are a few tips to be successful surgical technologist:

Keep Current with your Certifications and Education

If the state you’re working in requires a certification, make sure you’re aware of the renewal periods and when to re-apply for certification. This will help ensure you’re not barred from completing your everyday job duties or be caught off-guard and in a hurry to renew. Along with that, stay up-to-date with any educational experiences to help you keep current. Whether you take a job in a new practice, take a class, or assist with new tasks if the opportunity arises, all these experiences will help you learn more and grow within your career.

Be a Team Player

Working in an operating room setting requires many people – both hands-on and off. From pre-op to post-op, you can always count on having to interact and work with people to get the job done. Being a team player and assisting in different tasks, some even outside your essential job duties, can make all the difference in how well an overall job performance can go. Your team will appreciate your willingness to be a team player, and it will give you a satisfying feeling knowing you played a helpful role in the entire puzzle.

Be Prepared to be Flexible

In the medical world, no matter if you’re working at a hospital or in a clinic setting changes can be made within a short notice. Being prepared can assist when things change. Taking the extra step to prepare the operating room with more than the anticipated items may help if something happens in a quick moment, and it will be noticed. Reviewing procedures and the ‘game-plan’ for the day’s events can be beneficial to know what’s happening around you and when – or to be prepared if something doesn’t go as planned.

WSi is Here for You

WSi Healthcare Personnel hopes for the best in your career as a surgical technologist. If you’re interested in a role as a surgical tech in a new environment, give WSi a call! As specialists in healthcare staffing for over 30 years, we are always available to assist you in finding your next step in the field.