Individuals working in the healthcare field are consistently learning how they can better care for their patients and families, but to be proactive in their patients' health they need to be driven in maintaining their own physical and mental health, too. As an employer, you can help make a difference in your employee's lives with their workdays.  

Encourage Wellness  

Mental wellness is just as, if not more, important as physical wellness. It’s easy to get caught up in the workday and working nine or more hours a day without a break, especially while working in healthcare. Encourage your employees to take time for themselves throughout the day to recharge. Along with that, offering your employees ways to boost a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial to their overall wellness too, including offering a wellness program before or after work or supporting health initiatives to those who partake.  

Set up Team Building Activities 

Employees who know how to work together can strengthen the quality of work that is done within your department or business. Choosing activities that get employees to improve their communication skills while enhancing their own encouragement for one another can bring employees together and create new relationships. 

Build Trust 

As an employer, you expect your employees to be honest and to have their trust performing their job duties and being a person of good character. Trust is a two-way street in the workplace, however. According to an Adecco survey taken in 2014, 90% of workers believe that trust is the most valued element in the workplace. Being open with mistakes, showing compassion, and communicating well and in a timely manner are ways in which an employer can build trust with its employees.  

According to research and surveys conducted by Gettysburg College, over one-third of your life, or 90,000 hours are spent at work. With that amount of time, creating a healthy work environment can vastly improve your overall quality of life and make a difference in those around you and the job duties performed.