You want your team to be happy with their jobs, their compensation and the perks. As their leader, you want to help them however you can to achieve their career goals. You can play a large role in their success, and when you are able to give them opportunities, you’ll feel good about yourself and the part you play in their future.

You Should Care

As a leader in the healthcare industry, you are responsible not only for the patients, but also for the people who provide the care to these patients. A strong team starts with leadership and travels down to all the team. When your team has high morale and feels like they can achieve their career goals, you’ll benefit.

You Should Talk

You can’t read minds. Never assume you know what your people want. Career goals are personal and it’s rarely just a pay raise. You’ll never know until you sit down with each person on your team individually and talk about their career goals.

You Should Collaborate  

After you’ve clearly defined goals with your team, figure out how you can make them happen, if it’s within your control. Even if you need to refer them to another healthcare practice, you should be willing to do that for them. They won’t ever forget your help and guidance, and placing them in a field where they are effective is good for medicine overall. Maybe you can put them “on loan” to another team so they have the ability to try out a new team or field. Keeping the door open for strong team members will promote positive morale; no one likes to feel stuck in a job.

You Should Encourage

If someone on your team decides to move on to achieve their goals, be their biggest supporter. When they see your attitude and feel like they are able to make the move, you’ll be their hero. Supporting others in their career goals is the mark of a good leader. You want what is best for each team member, which might not be your favorite option. 

Goals and Dreams

Your team deserves to follow their career goals and dreams. As their leader, you can help them brainstorm and figure out what they want to do. It might turn out to be exactly the job they have, and this can be a great way to keep valuable players.

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