There is always a need for qualified nurse practitioners within the healthcare field. Nurse practitioners are not only trained with a medical focus but also on clinical information and skills.

The training of nurse practitioners covers more than just how to provide care for the patients. It entails several soft skills you should develop in order to have a successful career:

1. Communication. You must communicate effectively with patients, other nurses and physicians. Practicing compassion, effective care and teamwork are traits you should communicate to those around you.

2. Flexibility. As an NP, you are constantly pulled in different directions as your help and expertise are critical to quality patient care. You’ll need to be flexible to patients’ needs, other team members’ needs, and even your own needs.

3. Personal and professional balance. Know when to say no to extra shifts; however, you might need to work longer to help the team. NPs who work too many hours tend to experience burnout a lot faster than those who work at a steadier pace. The level of care you provide is the most important aspect of your job, and that means you need to care for yourself to stay strong.

4. Listening. Connecting with your patients is a skill NPs have that sets them apart from doctors and specialists. Taking the time to listen and understand the problems and concerns of your patients will make your job easier in the long run. You’ll understand what you need to do and provide that care early on, which can lead to a higher success rate.

5. Time management. You’ll need to manage your shifts from start to end. You’ll have paperwork to do, areas to clean up, patients to care for and various tasks to complete. If you mismanage your time, you won’t finish your shift on time. Many of the things you need to do as an NP cannot be done another shift.

6. Teamwork. Your team is your lifeline; without their help and input, you won’t be successful. Every person is necessary within the team and if you can’t work with someone, you need to evaluate why and fix the problem. Strong nurses and nurse practitioners work with each other, even if they don’t particularly like each other. They realize the value of having an entire medical team committed to quality patient care.

As you grow in your career, you should always be aware of areas where you can improve as well as areas where you are strong. To find a job that better suits your strengths as an NP, contact the team at WSi Healthcare. We will work with your specialized skill set and make sure you are challenged and thriving in a nurse practitioner position.