Every smart leader knows they are only as good as their team. If they have a high-performing team, they will have an easy job, and it will be crucial to maintain that high level of excellence. Your team needs to feel value; this can be measured and dispersed in various ways. As their leader, it is your job to know how they prefer to feel valued.

Value Your Team

If you publicly praise some people on your team, they will want to sink into the floor out of embarrassment, while others thrive on that. Some may prefer a quiet accolade while others need a loud acknowledgment. Remember your employees will appreciate the effort regardless, so why not take it a step further and really understand how they each feel value?

Value is Important

When your team feels valued, they will work harder and increase productivity. They will have long-term goals for their position and know their contributions will make a difference. The value they feel will be put back into the company on multiple levels. These team members will give closer to 100% when they know what they do actually matters and has a positive impact.

Value is More Than Money

Your team doesn’t necessarily want you to just throw money at them to create a sense of value. Their pay should be on par with the market rate, but their daily value is determined by how they are treated. When you take the time to know about their jobs, their struggles, and how they are performing will provide that value. When you send them to a conference or training session, you are adding value to them professionally. They know you are making an actual investment in them and they will be less likely to jump ship if things get difficult.

Value Comes From the Top

As a leader, you are responsible for serving your team. It might seem like they work for you, but it’s actually the opposite. When you provide the respect and value they crave, you’ll have a team that will go to the ends of the earth for you and the company. It benefits them to have increased value, but it will also benefit you and the company. Your team will provide better care, interact more positively with each other, and even work together to problem solve. These actions can take your team to the next level when it comes to performance.

If you need to add some outstanding members to your team, contact WSi Healthcare. Our staffing professionals can match you with some top candidates in your field and help keep your team running efficiently. There is nothing worse for morale than being short-staffed and overworked. Show them their value by scheduling a full team when necessary.