Becoming a pharmacist is a smart career move; in fact, it is one of the of the best decisions you can make when you’re deciding on a career. With plenty of job opportunity, room for advancement and stable companies, the pharmacy field is one that provides for you after your schooling is complete. You might decide to seek a long-term position with a hospital or medical facility, or you might decide to continue your training.

Getting more education and training is a great idea as a pharmacist. There are plenty of advancement opportunities available in this field all over the country.

Here are just a few of the possibilities for pharmacists:

·         Executive position. Many public companies, universities and policy programs rely on pharmacists for insight and information. Pharmacists can sit on boards, provide research and help with office positions for various organizations.

·         Pharmacy owner/manager. If you are so inclined, it is possible to open your own pharmacy. Buying a large chain or independent establishment can provide you with your own pharmacy, especially if you have the necessary business sense. You will be able to hire your own staff and run the pharmacy the exact way you want. If you become part of a chain, you’ll have more restrictions, but it can be a smart way to see if that type of business is right for you.

·         Hospital management. When you work within a medical facility, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for lateral and vertical career moves. As a pharmacist, you’ll be involved with a lot of the day-to-day operations and can know the open positions within various departments. Taking additional coursework in management and/or facility management can provide the necessary background to promote you into a role where you have a stronger leadership role.

·         Medical specialties. For pharmacists willing to do more schooling, a dual degree can be a great way to move into a more academic field such as patent law or a corporate attorney for a pharmaceutical company. You’ll have the necessary medical background and the additional degree, making you a valuable candidate for a corporate position in the healthcare industry.

·         Research programs. A pharmacist usually has a natural curiosity for medical innovations. You provide the public with the medicines they need for better health and continued longevity. There are so many new drugs and patents being developed all over the world, and as a licensed pharmacist, you can work as an intern or research assistant to help continue the studies. You might even consider an internship within a clinical pharmaceutical field.

Becoming a pharmacist is just the beginning of a lifelong career journey. It is a job that will provide well for you, even if you choose to not pursue further opportunities, yet it is one that can be just the starting point for a multitude of advanced jobs.

If you are a pharmacist, looking for more rewarding work, contact the team at WSi Healthcare. We are available to give you insight to the current job market, provide resources for higher education and help you find the pharmacist job you really love.