When you’re searching for something important, you usually ask for help; whether it’s a new house, a quality vehicle or even a valuable piece of jewelry. Yet many people today still search for a job on their own. Consider asking for help from a highly qualified recruiter. After all, they have the network, unlisted job opportunities and the connections to get you in the door. Many recruiters have strong relationships with reputable companies who trust the recruiter to bring them great candidates, like you.

Follow these tips to maximize your relationship with a recruiter. You both have something to gain from a great connection:

·         Be honest. If you have a rocky job history, a run-in with the police or even a lack of education, share this with your recruiter. They are not here to judge, but rather to help find the best possible job for you. Their success is dependent on you, so when you are open with them, they can find appropriate positions. You might be surprised that a recruiter will know companies who are lenient with various things.

·         Be on time. A recruiter is the person who will present you to the potential company. If the recruiter trusts you, they will fight for you. They will help you put your best foot forward and that strong relationship starts with you valuing the time and energy of the recruiter.

·         Be teachable. When you get tips from your recruiter, take them to heart. These people place people in positions for a living. They know the companies, hiring managers and best route for you to succeed. If they recommend a certain type of dress or that you arrive very early, do it. You have nothing to lose, but a great job to gain.

·         Be communicative. When you’re done with the interview, call your recruiter and touch base. Let them know how it went: the good, the bad and the ugly. They might be able to fix a problem or ease your mind about how everything went. If you have any problems, be sure to alert the recruiter, as well. There may be a new hiring manager or policies, and your recruiter will want to know for future candidates.

·         Be grateful. One of the best ways to show your recruiter some appreciation is by saying “thank you” and referring others to them. You entrusted this important decision to their expertise, and if it was a success, they will most likely be able to do the same for someone else. Your gratitude gives them the incentive to keep working with candidates and helps them strive for even better positions.

A recruiter is your advocate. Treat them as a friend and someone who can help and you’ll see just how great their help can be. Job placement, interview tips and a professional network are just some of the things a recruiter brings to the table.

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