There is a high chance that your ideal new hire isn’t actively looking for a job. They may acknowledge they are underemployed and should be paid more or have a better title but chances are, they are not hitting the streets with their resume in hand.

Passive job seekers are some of the most overlooked job seekers in the market. They don’t chase leads, they probably won’t go to a job fair and they will politely decline interview requests. Yet, these are talented people who might be the perfect fit for your team. How do you find them? Advertising online won’t help as these aren’t people scouring the job boards, so it can feel next to impossible to get an email or call to this particular group of talent.

Where to Start

One of your best options is to contact a staffing agency. You might think these are the companies that bring in temporary workers or contract people to fill positions until you can find the perfect person. That is not the case. Staffing agencies have resources you need to tap into. They have resumes, emails and phone numbers of people who were looking for a job at one time and maybe found one but are still open.

After all, who isn’t open to a better job with higher pay, a more prestigious title or more challenging tasks? 

Then What?

A staffing agency will have lists of qualified people they have placed in other companies and while they may not be actively looking, they are open. This is where you need to prepare a pitch and sell them the opportunity. Yes, this is a little backwards from the usual candidate pitching their abilities to the employer, but it can work. Lots of gainfully employed people will listen to a job offer if they trust the staffing agency. They worked with the agency and recognize their value, so if the agency brings someone to them, they must have some value as well.

The staffing agency will work as the intermediary in this type of situation and will have an established trust and respect with the candidate. They will also be able to prep the candidate for an interview with your company so both sides are meeting at their best. What better way to start the hiring process?

 All the Details

Finding a reputable staffing agency can provide you with a pool of candidates you could never find on your own. These people are vetted and found capable of what their resumes state and their experience will match your needs. Why not work with a staffing agency and take out a lot of the guesswork?

The team at WSi Healthcare has a vast network and can work with you to find the right candidate, even the passive job seekers who might not be visible in your hiring process. Use our network and knowledge to attract this type of talent. Contact us today to learn more.