Nurses are in high demand. If you are considering a career change, now is a great time to become a nurse. Flexible schedules, travel and helping others are just some of the perks you’ll have as a nurse. Not to mention your days will be very rewarding as you improve the quality of peoples lives. You will need to ensure some of the logistics are covered during a career move, but for the most part, you can become a nurse at any time in your life with the proper education and training. There are various degrees of nursing as well; some do not require as much formal education while others require specific fields of study.

While a career change can be daunting, here are some things to consider during this time of transition:

·         If this career change is certain, great, go for it. Complete your education - at nights, during the weekends, however long it takes; this is the first step. Look for a nursing program with flexible education options so you can keep your current job, if necessary. Many schools offer weekend classes, evening classes and even some online, so you don’t have to change your entire life just to get a nursing degree.

·         If this career change is just a thought, something you’ve been considering for some time, do some volunteer work at a nursing home or a pediatric hospital. Get in time with patients and watch what the nurses do. Ask the nurses questions when they have some downtime and get their honest opinions on the career. What better way to see if this is the career for you than being on the front lines with nurses who do this job day in and day out?

·         Consider a shorter nursing program, that could help you receive a license in as little as 11 to 18 months. You must possess a bachelor’s degree in another discipline to be eligible for these programs, as many of your courses will provide transfer credits for the nursing program.

·         Try it first as a CNA. This is a shorter educational track where you’ll earn a certificate and get on your state’s healthcare registry in as little as six weeks. While you work in a nursing home or for a home healthcare agency, you can continue your classwork to become a nurse. If you are a stand-out nurse and express a desire to be more, there are some healthcare organizations that will help pay for your schooling, contingent upon you staying with that company and obtaining the full degree.

Take time to make this important decision, but remember there are ways to test it out first. Think about friends and family members that are nurses, find social media groups and ask questions. It is an amazing career for many people and it could be that for you too.

If you want more information on companies that hire new nurses or what to expect in the job search, contact the team at WSi Healthcare. They have been working with nurses and the healthcare industry to ensure quality nurses are employed by quality facilities.