You want to be the place where people want to work. A positive company culture is more than people smiling, laughing and joking around, it is a place where your team feels comfortable working, where they are happy to hold their position and where there is low turnover. Curious to know if your company has a positive culture?

Here are some of the signs of a positive company culture:

·         Open communication. Your team talks about new information well in advance with leadership, even asking the employees to help find solutions.

·         Positive energy. Teams are engaged and they work together on projects and help each other when they can. It does not matter who gets credit for what because they accomplished everything together. Your people move forward together, not apart.

·         Encouraging interaction. Your people will usually like coming into the office and accomplishing their tasks, but they are also eager to spend time with co-workers outside of the office. They have friends and family outside of the workplace but they truly like the people they work with and it shows.

·         Low turnover. Your people like where they work, do well at their jobs and want to stay put. One of the best things a company can offer its employees is stability. Employees with the long term in mind will work towards the future, not just the immediate goals; this creates a much better business foundation.

·         Easy hiring. Do you advertise for an open position and have an influx of resumes? If so, your company probably has a positive culture. People want to work there, and when there is an opening, they flock to it. You get to choose from a large talent pool and that improves the caliber of your team, without necessarily increasing the salaries or benefits.

·         Quality work. When people are happy, they tend to work harder, push the limits and do better work. They know they will be rewarded for their work and appreciated for their efforts. Not one person has to get all the credit so teamwork will be utilized, and that creates a better outcome.

Your team wants to produce excellent work. Give them a culture where they are recognized and supported for their efforts. A positive company culture will attract talent from all over the world and the experiences and knowledge a diverse team will bring to your organization will be priceless. You don’t have to offer the highest salaries and best benefits in your industry, but providing a positive place to work and thrive will be a selling point that will take your business into the future.

For more help with hiring the right people and creating the culture that attract high-quality talent, contact the professionals at WSi Healthcare. They are able to guide you through the process and make sure you are hiring only the best in your industry.