The idea of hiring someone temporary might not feel like the ideal situation. After all, training is expensive, time consuming and sometimes your team doesn’t respond well to an outsider coming in on a temporary basis.

As a manager, the smart option for your organization can actually be hiring temporary nurses. Here’s why.

Work Relief

Your team might not want to admit it, but they are being stretched to their limit on a daily basis. A nurse is always busy, always in demand and always needs more hands to be available during their shifts. Even when the facility isn’t busy, having an extra nurse around can be of great benefit. They can pick up the slack when your permanent team is tired or has a lot of paperwork to complete. The temporary nurses can be tasked with the more mundane tasks your team may not have time to complete.

Stress Relief

This is different from task relief. When the workload piles up, a temporary nurse can jump in and help. When your team needs a day off or has a family issue in the afternoon, your temporary nurse can be their relief. This not only allows your team to have a stronger work-life balance, but gives them the chance they need to breathe, knowing the patients will get great care and they can take care of their life.

Improved Care

As fatigue sets in, even your best nurses will struggle to provide the top-notch care you are known for. Burnout and being overly tired are two reasons nurses make mistakes. Give your team the best possible chances for success with a temporary nurse to lighten the load. Your team can spend more time with patients when necessary and ensure they ask all the right questions and perform the right tests. Better care in the beginning of an illness can lead to a higher recovery rate.

It is important to keep in mind that a temporary nurse is just that, temporary. During busy times of the year, when your team is out for personal reasons or you see a surge in patients, calling on the services of a temporary nurse can improve morale, as well as improve the level of care you can provide.

When you’re ready to add a temporary nurse to your team, contact WSi Healthcare. We can provide quality temp nurses who are available when you need them. Your team will appreciate the effort you put into hiring additional people, as well your concern for their well-being.