There is a lot written about how to be a strong interview candidate, how to tailor your resume for the job you want and even how to handle the post-interview follow-up. What if you’re the one performing the interview? How do you know you’re doing the best possible job to ensure you find the right candidate? As the interviewer, it is your responsibility to create a positive environment so the candidates will feel comfortable and confident with their ability to present their skills. Remember it is a nerve-wracking time for the interviewees, and they want to make a good impression. Put yourself in their shoes and be empathic to their feelings.

Here are some simple tips for creating a positive interview experience:

·         Before they even arrive, provide clear instructions for the interview. Dress, time, location, items to bring, names to ask for, parking permits and duration. When the interviewee knows this, you will more than likely have their full attention and best effort. They won’t arrive frazzled and will have their personal life accounted for so they aren’t rushing through the interview to pick up their children or care for their pet. These simple considerations will make a lasting positive impression on the candidate as they will immediately feel respected by your organization.

·         Be friendly but don’t say things to make candidates feel like a guaranteed hire. Words matter and a candidate will be scrutinizing what you say as they want to make sure they understand what you’re offering, asking of them and even how they should respond post-interview. You don’t want to lead them on in any way.

·         Take the interview seriously. The candidate has probably prepared, planned an appropriate outfit, perfected their resume and reviewed possible interview questions. The best way to honor their effort and make it a positive experience is to ask pertinent questions, listen to their answers, take notes and let them have their final pitch. Don’t rush them out.

·         Give them a decision in a timely manner. Candidates are hoping for a prompt decision either way. While they don’t want to hear a negative response, not telling them they didn’t get the job is not the way to handle business. Provide a clear answer via phone or email. If they ask for feedback, be honest yet kind with your response. Think about how you would like to receive constructive criticism and tailor your response to be professional.

Hiring the right person will help grow your business so the process is important. While you want to be deliberate and take your time, it’s also important not to drag out the process. Good candidates will be hired quickly and you don’t want to lose your top pick.

If you’re looking for help with hiring the right candidate, contact WSi Healthcare. We can get you started with a strong pool of candidates and guide you through the hiring process so you get top results.