There is more to the interview than just presenting your skills and talking about your job history. It is important to connect with the interviewer on a deeper level than just spouting facts about your life. You’ll know pretty quickly if this is a position and company you’d like to pursue, and once you do, you want to increase your chances of being called back for either a second round of interviews or an offer.

First Things First

You want to start off with a good impression. But let’s be honest, you might get five minutes into the interview and realize it’s not a good fit. If, on the other hand, you realize it is a good fit, this is the time to connect with the interviewer. This is a learned skill and once you master it, you’ll be acing interviews and all types of interactions that might be nerve-wracking.

Let the Learning Begin

Active participation in conversations is a skill that will serve you well throughout life. Here are some simple ways to engage without being obnoxious and show interest while being genuine:

1. Body language. From the moment you meet the interviewer, you should show interest. By standing to say hello, giving a firm handshake, making eye contact, moving with a sense of purpose and portraying a confident and pleasant demeanor.

2. Perfect your small talk. Ask the interviewer some questions about the company culture, their role, their years at the company and other things you may notice in their office such as their alma mater, sports teams and other types of memorabilia. Try to find a way to personally connect early on with the interviewer.

3. Respond positively. Nod your head, affirm you understand their requirements, think of questions while they are talking and use your body language to show interest.

4. Have questions ready. You might not have any immediate questions regarding the position if the interviewer was concise and thorough. If this is the case, have a standard set of questions ready; ask about company culture, company products, company history and anything else you might want to know to show a genuine interest.

5. Follow up. Immediately send a thank-you note or email. This is seen as standard interview etiquette and it can go a long way in setting you apart from the competition.

Don’t take the interview lightly or feel any of these steps would be “too much” or they aren’t necessary. You want to stand out!

Let the professionals at WSi Healthcare help you interview better. We will provide guidance and even mock interviews so you are at your best. You’ll be nervous and the best way to overcome that is by being prepared. Contact us today.