It may seem like employee happiness is not really part of your responsibility. After all, you pay them a fair wage, provide a comfortable work environment and maybe even perks like Friday lunches and Monday morning donuts; why do you need to invest in their happiness? The reasons you should start are basic but can affect so much of your business. This is more than just free stuff or higher pay; many times happiness comes from unexpected places for your team.

Take a look at these reasons to start investing in employee happiness:

·         Lower turnover rate. Happy team members won’t be looking for new employment.

·         Better customer service. Your team will provide a higher standard of care and service.

·         Stronger teamwork. A happy team works together to achieve goals.

·         More productive shifts. People who are happy, tend to work harder.

·         Increased creativity. When your team can focus on the work at hand, their creativity is free to flow.

·         Higher caliber of employees. Well-qualified employees know how important a happy team is and they will flock to companies with a high happiness rate.

Think about when your team performed at its best. Chances are each person was feeling fulfilled, their skills were being utilized and their voice was heard. They felt important and necessary to the operation and it benefited not only the leadership, but also those customers and clients they served.

Overall happiness within your organization starts at the top. While the feeling of happiness isn’t possible all the time at work, it is something to strive for and doesn’t always mean you need to spend money. Try asking your team what is important to them. They may want more flexible hours, a relaxed dress code, shorter lunches and earlier quitting times; these changes won’t necessarily affect your bottom line with dollars and cents but in overall happiness, your ROI will be high.

Don’t hesitate to spend a little bit of extra money on your team when they have had a long week or month. Buy them lunch, bring in a portable massage therapist, have their favorite coffees and desserts delivered. These small investments on your part can go far to boost morale and should not be overlooked.

Think about the benefits of a low turnover rate, higher productivity, stronger teamwork and the ability to attract high-caliber team members means you are running a more profitable facility. This not only helps your bottom line, but it also means your reputation as a leader and a quality healthcare provider will increase.

If you are looking for more qualified applicants to join your team, talk to the professional staffing agents at WSi Healthcare. You need the best candidates as you work hard to invest in their happiness. Contact us today to learn more.