You’ve completed your education, worked hard to get where you are now, but you may want more out of your career.

Is more school the right answer for you?

Should you take time off work and go into debt for more education?

Luckily, there are important skills you can learn on the weekends, for minimal amounts of money and with no prior experience. Learning these skills can help take your career to the next level and have you on an upward trajectory for senior positions and promotions.

Public Speaking

Even if your position doesn’t regularly provide you with opportunities to speak in front of groups of people, the practice of public speaking goes beyond big crowds in a conference room. Public speaking translates to training, manning your company booth and even explaining your facility to others. When you’re comfortable talking in front of others, you will quickly become the go-to person on your team to train others on new software, rally others for morale boosting and even be the voice of the people to leadership. You never know the doors that will open when you can effectively deliver a message to others.

Computer Skills

While you may be good at the basics, learning how to code, creating productive spreadsheets, constructing presentations, and even designing web pages can take you to the next level in your career. You might become the person who grows your team, grows the business and even creates the public face of your facility. As someone who is adept at computers and their software, you will be able to move through your day quickly, even with new programs being brought in. When you’re able to understand and work on the latest and greatest technology, you are seen as adaptive and good at your job.


Yes, this is a skill you can learn and hone on a regular basis. As a leader or as a team member, demonstrating your flexibility can mean you and your team achieve greater success. When you are instrumental in creating more success, your career will thrive. Others see you as a leader, a subject-matter expert and someone they can learn from; you suddenly become the mentor for others on your team and that means your career is on the path to a leadership position.

Not all skills will be tangible. As you grow in your career, you will learn many skills that will mold you into a better employee, and these can be valuable assets to you, in any field.

For more information on learning new skills, contact a professional career recruiter at WSi Healthcare Personnel to help you grow personally and professionally to become more marketable.