Much is written on how to choose the right candidate. You have read the ways to interpret resumes, body language and even how to contact references, but what if you could reject job candidates easier and move right to the qualified ones? Try using this list of reasons to reject job applicants to help narrow the field before the first interview and even after the first meeting:

1. A disordered resume. Watch for red flags right from the start; a resume with grammatical issues, a form cover letter, too many pages, formatting problems and anything else that gives it an unprofessional appearance. If this initial interaction is sloppy, how do you think the rest of it will go?

2. Wrong skill set. You might like the applicant, know them from a previous position, know their family or even have a history with them; you may have gone to college with them and want to hire them. Don’t let a personal relationship skew your professional knowledge. They may not have the right skill set and even though you want to hire them, they don’t have the right training or education for the position.

3. Overall bad fit. This is usually evident when they come in for the first interview or over the phone. Let’s say you are hiring for a customer-facing position and the applicant is very meek and introverted. They could make a great addition to another part of your organization but are probably not the right fit for the front desk. This also applies to how the applicant will fit in with your established employees. You might have a serious team that works hard and has a more mild-manner approach to their daily work, so hiring an extroverted, boisterous person might not be the best fit.

4. Poor overall impression. Did the applicant show up late? Did they arrive in wrinkled clothing? No one expects job applicants to have expensive clothes, but they should be clean, free of wrinkles and as neat as possible. Their overall appearance should be well-groomed and organized.

5. Weak interview. This can range from not knowing anything about the open position to not knowing anything about the company. They will be unprepared and make a bad impression with regard to answering and asking questions, providing references and displaying their job knowledge.

By working through these initial five points, you can narrow the applicant field significantly. With the pool smaller, you can find the great candidates that will make a strong addition to your team. If you need help finding qualified candidates, consider working with a staffing agency such as WSi Healthcare. We take the guesswork out of the process and provide you with applicants who fit your needs; then you can choose from the best of the best. Save yourself time and hassle by contacting our reputable staffing agency!