As a leader, you work daily to maintain a workplace where your team feels safe and secure. You make sure all the training is completed for workplace safety, workplace relationships and even ensure your team has a safe place to voice their concerns without repercussions. But, how do you keep the unknown variables from within or outside your organization from harming your team?

Use this list to keep your employees safe in the workplace.

·         Make a Plan

Don’t live in the world of doubt, but rather assume something bad could happen. Teach your team how to react; most devious acts are planned with the advantage of surprise. Your team needs to know how to react.

·         Practice the Plan

Just like you did in school, practicing for these events will ensure muscle memory kicks in at the right time.

·         Allow for Respectful Questioning

You and your team should know who is on your floor or in your building and not feel intimidated with a polite question to a suspicious person. If you aren’t sure, ask a co-worker to go with you or even ask around for more info on someone you don’t know.

·         Get Expert Advice

Many local police and fire departments are more than happy to teach a class on basic self-defense or give advice on how to be alert and aware. In some cases, they will be able to provide you with fliers and reading material.

·         Consider Investing in a Self-Defense Course for Your Team

Instead of lavish lunches or outings, this course could save lives and give your team a sense of empowerment.

·         Find Leaders Within Your Team. Maybe you have a former law enforcement person or military member who was trained for defense, or even just a team member who has a passion for safety, ask them to step up and take charge. In an emergency situation, you might not be available, and you’ll want a trusted employee to help ensure the safety of everyone.

·         Stock your physical office facility with a well-stocked first aid kit along with other emergency items you might need. Let your team leaders know where these items are.

You can’t keep all the bad stuff away from your workplace, but by remaining vigilant, you can minimize any damage that comes your way. To learn more about how to keep your employees safe, contact us today.