As a leader, you know it’s important to interact with your employees on a regular basis. From their accomplishments to their complaints, you play a vital role in their career happiness. Like most leaders, you are probably short on time in your day, so you might decide to have group meetings. This can be beneficial for team morale, but keep in mind there are several benefits of having one on one meetings with each of your employees.

This is especially true when you’re having an exit interview. These types of meetings can be tense and awkward, but they don’t have to be. Take the time to gain insight from the employee, learn, and become a better leader and company. Here are some of the benefits to conducting the interview in person, rather than in an email or survey.

·         You can ask a lot of questions.

An informal dialogue can provide insight into the true feelings of your team member, see their body language and provide an atmosphere for honest conversation. Write down the questions ahead of time, so you don’t waste time or get off topic, and then be sure to write down their answers.

·         You can provide peace of mind.

This one-on-one meeting will let your employee know everything is fine between you two, no burnt bridges, no bad work references and no reason for them to be anything but excited for their new opportunity.

·         You can gain insight.

While it may be hard to ask the tough questions, be sure to find out why they are leaving. It might be for reasons you can’t compete with, or it could be something you can change and improve within your company. This question could be asked in several ways and even several times throughout the exit interview. They should be given the chance answer honestly.

·         You can keep doing the right stuff.

A valuable employee is one you don’t want to lose, so it is a great time to learn about what you’re doing right in order to retain your current talent. It’s also a great opener to the overall conversation. Most people won’t want to say negative aspects of the job right off the bat, so why not start with something positive, create a relaxed setting, and get to the honest dialogue.

Exit interviews can be a way to maintain strong professional relationships. You may have the chance to hire that person back in the coming years, why not ensure the current relationship ends on a positive note. Let them know you are there to help them and keep the door open to them in the future. Contact WSi Healthcare today to learn more.