The truth is, you are simply trying to find the best candidate for your open position. You want someone who fits the necessary skill set as well as someone with loyal intentions who will add to your team. You might not care whether they are an active or passive job seeker, but understanding where they are in their job search will help you approach them effectively.

Here are some key differences between active and passive job seekers and the best tactics to reach them:

·         An Active job seeker is looking for a new opportunity and is ready to move a lot faster. They are being proactive in their search.

o   This group will respond to online job listings, email application invites and direct messaging on social networks.

o   These types of job seekers will be available through agencies and staffing companies, where they will be vetted ahead of time and prepped for interviews.

o   The active job seeker will most likely be ready to accept a new position and not have restrictions on time. They are amenable to negotiating if they feel the company is the right fit.

·         A Passive job seeker will be less likely to make a move unless the new position is better than where they are currently employed. They may feel unfulfilled, underpaid and undervalued, but they are not ready to jump ship just yet.

o   This group will respond to one-on-one emails that are targeted to them personally and their skill set. They will want to know they fit the description.

o   This type of job seeker will be interested in hearing about the benefits of making a change, as they are probably on the verge of making a change.

o   A passive job seeker may respond to online ads and applications, but might not be too keen on filling out extensive paperwork.

Regardless of the type of job seeker, the user experience should be one that encourages all types of job seekers to apply for the open position. Extensive forms to fill out, emails that don’t work and never hearing back from a hiring manager will portray your company in a negative light. Be sure to make the job application process easy and fulfilling for both you and the applicant. Ask the right questions and make sure your expectations are reasonable. Your company will benefit from a professional staffing agency like WSi Healthcare Personnel to save time, money and hassles. Contact us today to learn more.