As the year comes to a close, the healthcare field is preparing for what the new year will bring. Changes, sometimes good and sometimes bad, mean adapting to what is put in front of you. In the world of medicine, it is critical to stay ahead of the trends.

Here are five nursing trends to keep an eye on in 2019:

1. There will be a growing shortage of nurses. Nurses are always in high demand and the need for qualified nurses will continue to grow. As more of the baby boomers age and need care, skilled nurses will be hired quickly.

2. Bilingual nurses will be in top demand. As the population continues to diversify, the need for nurses who can speak in native languages will increase. When a person is sick, the first thing they want is answers, answers they can understand. This information should come from someone who makes them feel comfortable by speaking in their own language. A bilingual nurse will help ease fears and assist in creating treatment plans that are clearly defined and understood.

3. Higher degrees will the standard. A B.S. in nursing will become the minimum degree requirement and will be able to demand higher pay and status among other nursing professionals. Interdisciplinary skills will also be the norm among nurses. Well-versed and diverse skill sets will make the hiring difference for nurses in all areas.

4. Nurses retiring at a later age. As a result of the last healthcare recession, many of the nurses are now finding strong jobs and keeping them. The shortage is allowing nurses to stay on past a normal retirement age and their jobs are secure. With advances in healthcare, nurses themselves are living longer, healthier lives when they care for their bodies, allowing them to work to a later age.

5. Increases in technology. Every year, something new comes out to help those in the healthcare industry. It might be new appointment-setting software, recordkeeping, office management or even a healthcare program that makes life easier in the medical industry. It is up to each nurse to learn the new tools and implement them as directed. It might not be something within your immediate office but keep in mind, you should be familiar with each of the programs that are used in your facility. 

Nursing trends are more than just flashy ways to show-off; they will help healthcare professionals provide better care, which translates to more improved lives. For more information, please contact WSi Healthcare to learn more.