It’s not some big business secret that finding a job without experience is tough. On the flip side, have you ever experienced or heard about the opposite? What happens when you’re too experienced and you can’t seem to get hired?

The Problem

This scenario seems to happen more often with applicants who have been part of the job force for many years and either want to move up in their careers or their company goes through restructuring, leaving them without a job. Whatever the case may be, you have worked hard and would be an asset to another company. You don’t want to beg for the job but how do you overcome this obstacle?

The Solution

There are some ways to remedy this situation.

1.       You have the experience. Show it. Remind the recruiters and hiring managers, your onboarding time would likely be cut in half as you already know the job itself. You are learning how to adapt to their company culture and procedures, but you essentially understand what the job entails. In fact, highlight if you’ve made the switch to other companies and how seamless that went for you in the past. Your experience will be an asset to you at that moment when you present yourself as the most efficient candidate.

2.       If you know you are taking a pay cut, it may be awkward to discuss that with the hiring manager. They may not understand why you would be willing to take a pay cut, however, you can explain that you are eager to bring your expertise to that company and help them move forward on a project or in a new direction. Do your research and maybe bring up a project they are proposing and tie in how your experience could launch it.

3.       Be honest. Let the hiring manager know you are aware of the industry standards and are comfortable with the range you would be accepting. Don’t appear overeager or willing to devalue yourself, but with all jobs, there is a range of acceptable pay, let them know you are within that range. Letting them know early on that you understand and acknowledge what you are getting into can make a company more eager to move forward with your hiring.

By presenting yourself as an experienced, confident candidate, you’ll stand out to the hiring team. They will want your attitude to permeate the organization when they see how you will be a long-term asset. Highlight the good you bring, don’t dwell on the loss you are “settling for.” Contact WSi Healthcare Personnel to find out how we can help you become a confident candidate.