Interns can sometimes get a bad rap; on TV, in the news and even at your past companies. There are times when your company can benefit greatly from hiring an intern. With the right person on your team and in your organization, you can have an immediate asset and even one for a future hire. Think about how great it would be to hire someone at later date that you already know and who likes the company? Talk about efficiency.

If you still want more concrete evidence, here are some ways your company can benefit from hiring an intern:

·         Increased productivity. Do you hear your team complaining about the mundane tasks they have to do daily? An intern could help alleviate some of that work, freeing them up to do more complex jobs, usually the ones they were hired to do.

·         Increased happiness. When your team can do what they love, they will be happier. That usually correlates to higher retention rates and even boosted teamwork when it comes time to work through a difficult issue.

·         Increased community. By hiring interns, you show you are willing to give back to the community. You are taking a recent college grad or someone in the early stages of their career and giving them a chance to work and take pride in their education. The community around them will see it and hear about it, and many will appreciate you and your company more.

·         Increased exposure for your company. You can post your internship opportunity in many new places online, even on social media and attract an entirely new group of followers. Job searches can be very specific to a demographic, but an internship is open to more and can be the bridge between you and a younger generation of potential employees.

·         Increased skill sets. Let’s face it, there are many interns who are newly graduated, eager to use what they’ve learned. They have several new skills those in the workforce may not have, simply because of their graduation year. They may know more about an initiative, a trend or social media and IT because they grew up using it. What they lack in job experience, they can make up for in enthusiasm and very relevant, newly acquired skills.

An intern can breathe life into a team. They can bring energy and a desire to learn which can often spur your team into learning more, teaching more and honing their own skill set more. For help finding an intern for your company, contact the staffing professionals at WSi Healthcare Personnel.