Mistakes happen. No matter what you do to avoid them, they will happen and all you can do is react appropriately. Hopefully, they can be fixed and you’re able to move on. In some situations, you might have a stellar employee who, for whatever reason, seems to be making the same mistake. You don’t want to cut them loose as they perform well in other areas. How do you help an employee who keeps making mistakes?

·         Show them the extent of their mistake. Does this employee ever feel or see, firsthand, just how the mistake affects the company? Maybe they are not embarrassed by it in front of others or maybe they don’t understand how revenue is impacted. Sometimes all it takes is for the employee to see how their carelessness makes others suffer. No one wants to see their co-workers put in an awkward position, so the mistake-maker may not realize how big the problem is for others.

·         Ask them to formulate a solution to the mistake. Is there a reason they keep making the same error? Once they come up with a plan, they are less likely to deviate from it, especially since they are the one who came up with the fix. It can also help the come to terms with what they are doing wrong, and sometimes writing down the details can bring to light the missing link.

·         Make them perform a set of checks and balances. Have a co-worker help them devise a checklist that should be completed before declaring the work done. One person should do the work but the other can make sure it is done correctly to save mistakes being made. Sometimes another set of eyes can add insight to how and why the mistake is being made as well. Maybe the other co-worker has made the same mistake in the past but figured out a way to avoid it in the future. Your team should work together for the good of the business.

·         Support them more with coaching and training. Did this team member miss some important training days? Maybe they would benefit from some one-on-one time with a long-time employee who can offer insight and mentoring. This is an inexpensive way to help them feel like a bigger part of the team and give them the benefit of increased accountability.

Your team reflects you and your training. There will be some who make mistakes but are strong team players. Learn to identify the problem quickly and work through it together. Contact WSi Healthcare to learn how we can help you find the right employees.