Bringing a new team member into your practice is a big step. Whether it is the first hire or a much-needed addition to a growing practice, this person needs to be the right fit, and you hope to find it on the first try. Taking your time is not always an option, here are some things to avoid when hiring a dental hygienist so you can move forward with caring for patients and building your business:

·         Failing at the first impression. From the job posting to the follow-up, the candidate is assessing you as well. Are you presenting a professional workplace that is exciting and somewhere an eager, qualified hygienist would want to work? Edit your job listing so it reads well and is free of grammatical errors. During the first interview, ensure your practice is at its best. After all, you want to hire the best so attract the best. Just as the candidate has prepped for the interview you should be just as prepared. If you have other staff members, consider having them meet the candidates, informally, to see how it goes. Many times, your team will get a gut feeling about the candidate and vice versa. After all, if the candidate doesn’t like your staff, it’s better to know that before offering them the position.

·         Skipping the pre-requisites. Consider making yourself a list of how you’d like the new hire to perform and how they would fit into the office. Maybe your team is extroverted, and an introvert would feel overwhelmed daily; maybe your team is very detailed and having a big personality would cause friction. You need to know these things before beginning the interview process as you might really like a certain candidate but they may not be a good fit for your practice.  Ask your team what type of person they would like to add to the team. You might gain some strong insight on what is needed to complement your business.

·         Rushing the first day. Make sure your team is ready for the new hire to arrive. Have the paperwork prepared, the tasks organized and your office ready to welcome a new team member. The tone you set on this day will be important for the rest of their tenure. It could send them home regretting their decision or have them excited to help you grow the practice. Share your goals for the business, how they can help and what is their incentive. Be deliberate with their training, their mentor and even make one-on-one chat time with them, so they know they can come to you with problems and questions.

Know what you need and how your practice will benefit from a new hire. Your team will be a great asset and your gut will usually lead you in the right direction. For help hiring a great team, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel today.