It is always an unsettling thought to realize you could lose your job in the blink of an eye. Whether it is a company going bankrupt, an unstable economy or a mistake you made, a career setback doesn’t have to leave you down for long. Here are four ways to rebound:

Determine what went wrong. Whatever the reason for this setback, you need to identify when, where and how it started so you can avoid it in the future. Was it a personal issue or was it something out of your control? If you had a professional failure, what are some ways you’ll avoid it in the future? Taking the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses, even asking for feedback will help you move forward.

Plan your next steps. It is crucial to not become stagnant. Use this time to grow and learn. You might feel defeated and that’s normal but don’t stay in that space. A plan will help you move forward. Write down all the aspects of your job you enjoyed and where you excelled. You might have more experience and training in a variety of areas you never considered. Projects, achievements and successful improvements you made in your position can help guide you to a new company or even new role.

Increase your market value. If you find yourself unemployed, devote your usual working hours to improving your skill set, making new connections and looking for new jobs. Don’t waste those hours in your day just browsing the job boards; do something to make yourself more marketable. Divide up the time so you can devote time to all aspects of rebounding from the setback. After all, you want your next position to be better than the one you had, and you can only do that with more education, knowledge and even experience. Making new connections can be a great way to find the right fit. If you find yourself underemployed, do what you can to learn, ask to be on new teams and educate yourself to be a more valuable asset to your team.

Ask for advice and unbiased reviews. When you’re passed over for a promotion or let go from a job, you might feel embarrassed. After you’ve had some time to wallow, start asking for advice from people you respect. They might be in your field or your circle of friends. These people can help you learn about yourself, your habits and even ways to improve. They might share personal stories to help you grow. Keep an open mind and remember you are asking for insight to ensure your life improves.

A career setback can be a time for personal growth and life enhancement. Look at it as such and you’ll see a new beginning rather than just an ending. If you feel like you’re experiencing a career setback, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.