Support, in the workplace, can come in many forms. You might have schedule flexibility, the latest and greatest in technology or complete backing with new ideas. In whatever way it is displayed, you’ll be able to spot a leader-supported team from miles away. These are the teams that come into work with a smile and a can-do attitude; not all the time, but it is the norm for them.

Here are several benefits that come from working for a leader who supports you.

·         Achieve Personal Goals:

When you surround yourself with those who are supportive, both in your personal and professional life, you’ll be more confident to try new paths. Your leader knows this will benefit the team as you will introduce new ideas, new methods and take initiative to improve the workplace. Their support will be the foundation for you to go ‘out on a limb’ and see if something will work.

·         Improve Team Attitudes:

Have you ever noticed when leaders are negative and dismissive most of the time, that attitude permeates throughout the entire team and even the workplace? The staff might treat others with that feeling of contempt because they feel as though no matter what they do, it will be wrong. This defeatist attitude does not make for a positive and healthy workplace and it can all start with the negative attitude of the management.

·         Increase Productivity:

Happy people work harder. They will go above and beyond the normal work expectancy because they know they will be praised for their work. Supportive leaders will recognize the extra work and make sure appreciation is shown. They know how important it is for their team to feel valued and important. Employees tend to work harder when they know there will be a reward of some type, even if it is just a word of encouragement in front of their co-workers. No one likes to be taken advantage of, so a good leader will be giving when it comes to showing support.

·         Enhance Team Comradery:

You want to like your co-workers; you spend hours with them daily, sometimes more time is spent with them than your own family. Why not enjoy your time with them? Of course, you won’t always get along but for the most part, with the right leadership, you can appreciate the strengths and even the weaknesses of your counterparts. You’ll each have your niche within the workplace and a supportive leader will move you around within the team until your strengths are being utilized.

A supportive leader’s value can’t always be quantified. They bring a certain attitude and positivity to the workplace that doesn’t always fit into words but when you are part of a team with a great leader, you just know it and are not eager to leave. With your skills and abilities, you deserve to be part of a team where you are appreciated. Contact WSi Healthcare Personnel to learn more.