You’ll find lots of information on writing a solid resume. It can get tedious and even confusing on what the latest advice is and how you should adapt it to your resume. If you like to keep things simple, here are three easy points to remember about writing and presenting your resume, reminiscent of your grade school days.

The Three “Rs” of Resume Writing

1.       Relevance.

Don’t assume your resume will speak for itself and the hiring manager will magically see all your talents in one glance. Tailor your resume for each company and job. Taking the time to do this will help land you a spot in the initial interview pile. When a hiring manager sees you took the time and care to make your resume skills match the job description, they have a strong sense of your work ethic and the idea you want results. Look at your resume from the eyes of a hiring manager and put in the most relevant information first, connect the dots between jobs and even write a fun and unique cover letter. This is not something you may have done in the past but with the availability of online job applications and too many candidates for one job, hiring teams need to see you put some thought and effort in to the process.

2.       Results.

A company wants to know how much, how many, how often, how long, etc. They want precision rather than a vague skill set. It’s no secret that resumes can be exaggerated, so to avoid being lumped in with that group, have numbers and exact details of projects. This way a future employer can see what you’ve accomplished and know your skills are legitimate.

3.       Realism.

Be realistic about your skills, education and experience. Inflating yourself a bit can seem like a good idea and you might even get another interview, but what happens when you can’t perform as expected? Keep in mind, you might take a job for which you aren’t qualified, lose that job and have missed out on a great job for which you are qualified. Making yourself appear qualified for a job is never a good idea. Be confident about what you can offer and the right opportunity will be a great match for you.

The three “Rs” can be very helpful in reviewing your resume and keeping things simple in your job search. Confidence and letting your own personality shine through will be the cornerstone of your job search. For help perfecting your resume, contact the staffing professional at WSi Healthcare Personnel today.