It’s always a good thing to like your job. There will be ups and downs but for the most part, you should end the day feeling as though you accomplished your tasks. Choosing a career in pharmacy will have positive and negative aspects, but it can be very rewarding.

Here are weven great reasons to be glad you chose a pharmacy career:

1. Flexibility. In this field, you can decide to work in a hospital setting, a hometown store or a nationwide chain. You can decide on the shift you want to work and in many situations, even the number of days you’d like to work. Go for a more structured schedule in a clinical setting.

2. Respect. Pharmacists are part of the medical community and garner a lot of respect from those who need their services. They provide not only medicine, but are also a resource for the people coming into the pharmacy or calling in with questions.

3. Salary. On average, a pharmacy job pays over $100k. While there will be student debts and loans to pay off from your education, with that pay range, available bonuses and plenty of overtime hours, you’ll be able to tackle those payments and still have funds leftover.

4. Diversity. Choose from research, clinical and even retail pharmacy jobs; you’ll be able to find the area that appeals to you and your career goals.

5. Community. It is a close-knit community of pharmacists, and if you stay in the same area, you’re sure to run into others more often. That can lead to job opportunities, promotions and a tight group that works together when necessary.

6. Growth. Pharmacists will be in constant need. While many companies utilize online drug sales, the need for a human to answer questions, provide care and even petition doctors for a different dosage will never disappear. Salaries are expected to increase in this field.

7. Mentorship. This is a field where you’ll work alongside others with years of experience. Many are glad to share their knowledge. The medical field is full of professionals who love their jobs, love helping others and want to improve their chosen field.

A pharmacy career is a great option for those who want to work in the medical field, but not on the practitioner side. You’ll be helping others as well as creating a lifetime career for yourself, a rewarding life and the ability to care for yourself and your family. At WSi Healthcare Personnel, we can help get your pharmacy career off the ground. Contact us today to learn more.