Each year brings about new trends within any given field. From revolutionary technology to procedural changes, you want to be the one in front of the trend, not lagging behind. Nursing is no different. Here are some of the predicted trends for 2018. Various areas within the medical field will see some of these same trends, while others may see them in different ways.

Nursing Shortage

This is nothing new. Nurses are always in high demand. Right now, a large percentage of nurses are over 50 years old, and millennials are being heavily recruited for these jobs. The next generation of nurses is prepared to search for the right fit, rather than simply work at the hospital closest to their home or the one offering the highest pay. This presents a challenge to the hiring managers, as they might need to get creative in how they recruit for open positions. 

High Demand, Low Supply

In an ideal world, supply and demand will be on equal ground, but in the medical field, this rarely happens. Nurses are always in heavy demand, and the supply can rarely meet it. Nurses looking for work will have the upper hand and will be able to create some of their own terms. Traveling nurses can make their lists and have their desires met. The younger generations are favoring the idea of travel nursing, as it allows them to explore a new city, hospital or even a new medical specialty.

Technology Changes

From the way hiring is done to how a diagnosis is reached, medical technology is always changing. Nurses are able to train on simulator-type devices for a better grasp on treating patients, as well as new ways to improve patient care. Nurses will need to stay “plugged in” to technology if they want to be successful in their field, as it will be a requirement to be familiar with future of healthcare.

Mentoring Programs

With a high amount of baby boomers looking to retire from nursing, programs are emerging to help the younger generations. Nurses are not on their own to learn and grow in their field, but can take advantage of this added training. What better way to improve as a nurse than to shadow a veteran nurse? These types of programs will continue to pop-up as part of the push to recruit a younger generation of nurses.

Finding the right nursing position for your career doesn’t need to be difficult, but you should take your time in the beginning. Consider a travel nurse position or a contract job and see if there is a particular area you really enjoy, and use that time to learn from a wide range of nursing professionals. Contact us today to learn more.