People change jobs more often than they used as job satisfaction is more important to job seekers today.  Gone are the days of an employee sticking with a company for a lifetime; that means the onboarding process for HR departments needs to be more effective. Training new employees takes time and money, which can detract from the daily progress of the team. Successful onboarding will improve the skills of the newly hired and the rest of your team on track. It is crucial to pinpoint the challenges you face in this process and then find ways to overcome them.

·         Role identification. It is not enough to have a clear job title, you need to outline the expectations and goals for each new role. Employee orientation can sometimes be about the basics and that is fine for the beginning, however each team member needs to know exactly what is expected of them. It is critical to plan milestones and goals for the new hires. This can be hard to determine at the start of a job which is why HR and the direct managers need to assist with the first set of goals.

·         Integration. Managers already know new hires cost time and money. HR will deal with most of the hiring process and orientation, but it is critical for the manager to be involved. The manager will be the one responsible for the new employee and should ensure they know their role and feel like part of the team. Manager feedback is something that will help each team member feel integral and will lead to them staying at the same workplace.

·         Emotional connection. If the new hire can assimilate to their surrounding culture, they are more likely to ask for help, be receptive to constructive criticism and work hard to understand their responsibilities. Each team member should know not only how to work within the culture, but how to excel. Make each new employee feel as though they are personally connected right from the start and the rate of turnover can decrease. 

Your team members should feel valued both as people and as employees. The onboarding process should be as personal as possible and is the first step in making new hires understand their roles and know their value. To learn more, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel today.