It’s time to start your new job. Exciting as it may be, it’s normal to also feel nervous. Your life will change with a new routine, new expectations and increased life demands. The most effective way to maneuver through these changes will be personal organization. There is a 30-60-90 plan you can use to make sure you are delivering the best results in your job performance and your life.

1. 30 Days – The Learning Stage

During these first 30 days, it’s important to remember this job is just as much about you as it is your employer. What are they trying to accomplish by hiring you? As a new hire, put in the effort to study and learn the internal workings of your position. Understand what your boss expects of you and how you can make it happen.

2. 60 Days – Adding the Y-O-U

This is the time to start contributing your own brand of special. Brainstorm the ways you can add your personal touch to accelerate company growth. You may have started with listening much more than talking, which is recommended, in the first month of your employment. In this second stage, begin leveling out the playing field by contributing to the conversation. Don’t hesitate to start making a name for yourself, but still strive to understand your role within the organization.

3. 90 Days – The Transformation

Enough time has passed that you should know your role within the team. Your co-workers will know more about you. Begin stepping up for projects and anticipate new opportunities that could arise. Use this time to make a name for yourself through completing tasks and taking charge of new challenges. Avoid making the same mistakes you made when you first started. Get more involved with the company’s inner network; this will give you the upper hand when you need to collaborate with other teams as well as the fun of getting to know others.

By using this method to acclimate to your new position, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed on your first day. Rather than feel intimidated, use this plan to get started on the right foot and experience success.

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