When you gather candidates for a new position, it can be difficult to determine the most efficient way to vet them. Entry-level candidates can be a difficult read during the interview process. In fact, this group of candidates can prove to be difficult to interview. They may be very nervous, especially if this is their first round of job interviews, and they may not be comfortable giving thorough answers or go off track due to being nervous.

A Starting Point

With the entry-level candidates, you want to get them to talk. This means asking questions that require more than just a yes or no response as well as keeping them on track. Some may clam up with a simple answer while others will talk too much about irrelevant things.

Try asking questions like these:

·         Why did you apply to this job?

·         What past experience will help you in this job?

·         How do you see your days being spent in this role?

·         What do you hope to learn from this position?

·         Explain a time when you had to handle conflict?

·         Are you able to approach a superior with a complaint? How would that look?

With entry-level applicants, you’ll need to read between the lines. They won’t have the work and life experience you might prefer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fill the role. Many at this stage will be eager and ready to work, especially for the right company.

When hiring for an entry-level position, you may need to factor in extra training; however, if any of the candidates have that training, they should go to the top of the list. At this stage in the game, any additional training, education or certification puts each person ahead of the others. They have shown initiative and intelligence to do more than their peers.

Don’t be afraid to cut an interview short or ask more questions; sometimes a second interview with more team members can be beneficial. Many companies will host a lunch or even a happy hour with potential employees to see how they interact with the team. An entry-level candidate may benefit from being in a more casual setting and you will benefit from seeing the real person. To learn more, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel today.