Not every organization is the same and cannot be run the same way. While one form of communication might work for one team, it may not work for another. Keeping your employees in the loop will ensure continuity throughout, which leads to greater success. Consistent communication is the foundation for a strong team, but finding the best method will be key. Here are four options to try with your team:

1. Weekly in person meetings. For some groups, this may be too much or too little. The good thing about any type of weekly meeting is it can be short and to the point. It provides a way for the entire team to get on the same page. Sometimes hearing an objective or problem in person can resolve it much faster than back and forth emails. Request your remote workers attend via speakerphone if they are unable to be in the office; it can really make a difference in morale.

2. Instant message or private group chats. This type of communication is fast and can be visual when necessary. When you gather your team via a chat, the type of conversation should be informal and fact producing/finding. A group chat can cut down on email messages and keep your inbox from overflowing with conversational emails. Your team can put it on their schedule and ensure it fits in with all schedules.

3. Virtual meetings. Not only will this get everyone on the same page, it can be hosted from anywhere. Even as the host of the meeting, you could be on vacation or in another time zone and still gather your team to disseminate important information. These types of meetings are beneficial when training or announcements need to be made, as your whole team can jump on a call and even view the presenters screen so nothing is left to interpretation.  

4. Focused emails. Rather than sending a bunch of emails around to people who don’t necessarily need to know the information, try sending it out to just those who need to read it. Not only will this increase efficiency, it will let your team know those emails are important and should be read.

When your team knows what to expect, they will be able to perform better. Consistent meetings will keep your team cohesive, and if they are short, concise and even fun, morale will remain high.

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