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It takes more than knowledge and monetary rewards for a successful pharmacy career. The ways you approach and guide your career can have a big impact on your success. Consider seven key factors.

1.     Focus on patient well-being

Successful pharmacists make compensation for their work secondary to patient relationships. Their desire is to have a positive impact on patients’ lives and help them understand how to make the best use of their medication.

2.     Avoid comparing yourself to others

Rather than competing with your colleagues, compete with yourself. Set relevant, reachable goals that will help advance your pharmacy career, and focus on them.

3.     Identify your niche

Explore different areas of pharmacy to determine where you want to develop and focus your skills and establish your career. Some areas for opportunities include:

  • Community pharmacies
  • Corporate management
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical writing
  • Teaching
  • Wholesale

4.     Develop a plan to reach your goals

If you want to work in a specialized market, your plan should include steps to help you achieve your goals. Depending on the specialty, some of the steps include:

  • Obtain a research grant
  • Participate in specialized, post-graduate education
  • Obtain clinical certification
  • Pursue board certification

5.     Choose employment that allows you to meet your goals

It takes time to pursue post-graduate education and certification. Carefully select employment that provides flexible work options or shifts so you can fulfill personal and family obligations and devote the time required to meet your pharmacy career goals.

6.     Know federal and state regulations

Closely adhere to federal and state regulations. Understand and refer to regulations in the state where you practice and in states where your company provides services. Lack of compliance can jeopardize your career. Develop a thorough understanding in the following areas:

  • Protected health information – Patient profiles, prescription records, billing records and counseling records
  • Dispensing controlled substances – Requirements for pharmacy registration, and for processing, dispensing and record keeping
  • Emergencies and special circumstances – Limitations and authorizations for dispensing specific drugs in emergencies and special circumstances

7.     Maintain ethical conduct

Your entire career should be governed by honesty, integrity and fairness. It’s shown in the way you treat staff members, suppliers, healthcare providers and patients. Never compromise the best interests of your patients and society.

Pharmacy Career Opportunities

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