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Nursing opportunities are plentiful, but how do you get your résumé to stand out so you can get the job you really want?

Learn about the Organization

Before you send your résumé to a potential employer, take time to learn about the organization. It will help you tailor your résumé to the position requirements. What should you learn about the organization and the job opening?

  • Values – The values of a healthcare organization are usually prominent on its website. Also check the site for events and calendars to help you understand organization priorities.
  • Culture – The organization’s blog or social media pages will provide insight on company culture. Pay attention to employee feedback on social media.
  • Skills, experience and qualities required – Carefully review the job description to ensure you include details of your work experience that match the requirements.

What Should Your Nursing Résumé Include?


Ensure your nursing résumé includes work experience that’s directly related to the qualifications for the open position. If you meet any of the preferred qualifications, include them also. Summarize your job duties and qualifications in a way that’s easy to read. Include the following:

  • Electronic health records software
  • Electronic medical records software
  • Medical equipment
  • Highly technical duties
  • Unit-specific details, including type, function and number of beds
  • Patient populations
  • Industry protocols, processes and procedures (e.g., starting IVs, ventilator care, or administering certain medications)

Nursing Education

You can keep your résumé moving forward in the process by providing a detailed history of your education that’s relevant to the position. Be certain to include the following:

  • School name, city and state
  • Degree earned
  • Completion date
  • Continuing education

Professional Associations

Include memberships, dates of your affiliations and offices held in professional nursing organizations and any organizations related to the job role.

Achievements, Awards and Honors

Highlight your achievements, awards and honors. This should include recognition from the following sources:

  • Employers
  • Professional associations
  • Schools
  • Volunteer organizations

Licenses and Certifications


Many applicants choose to include the following details for their license:

  • License type and number
  • Your name as it appears on the license
  • Licensing state(s) – specify if a license is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact
  • Expiration date


For each certification you hold, include:

  • Certification type
  • Certifying body or organization
  • Date acquired and expiration date (if applicable)

At WSi Healthcare Personnel, our established relationships with healthcare organizations will get your nursing résumé noticed by top employers. Search for opportunities.