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Regular staff meetings can strengthen work culture. But regularity alone isn’t enough. Preparation and a clear, interesting agenda can make meetings rich in content—and something your employees actually look forward to. What should your meetings include?

Provide meaningful updates

Employees need to know what’s happening on their team and in the company. But present the information in a way that shows how your employees have impacted—or will be impacted by—the activity. If employees don’t understand their role, they can quickly become disinterested. You can also ask team members in advance to provide highlights of team accomplishments.

Promote productivity and teamwork

Let your employees know you want to hear about their challenges, ideas and innovations. The goal is to improve productivity and promote teamwork.

  • Encourage employees to keep track of challenges, ideas and innovations; to discuss the topics among themselves prior to meetings; and to be ready to discuss them at the meeting.
  • Keep it relaxed. No formal presentation is required at this time.
  • Encourage your employees to develop action plans for outstanding issues. Empower them to develop a strategy, task force or whatever is necessary for issue resolution.

Invite constructive criticism

Your employees know business processes—what works well and what doesn’t. Invite their constructive criticism. When employees understand that their frustrations will be heard, considered and addressed, it will promote constructive criticism instead of chronic complaints.

What can be discussed?

  • Process improvement. What processes are unnecessarily repetitive, need to be adjusted, or can be completely eliminated?
  • Missed opportunities. Lost opportunities need to be exposed so they aren’t repeated. Invite your employees to express what they think went wrong and what can be done differently in the future.
  • Communication breakdown. Welcome your employees to discuss communication gaps or lack of clarity. Clearing up the issues can increase productivity and help your team reach its full potential.


Recognition keeps employees engaged. They like to receive and give recognition. Every meeting doesn’t need to have award-winning moments, but encourage team members to publicly recognize each other’s contributions and support. A simple, public word of appreciation from a team member, manager, or organization leader helps employees feel valued.

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