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Some employers assume their employees are happy with their jobs, but are your employees really happy? How can you tell? And what factors affect their satisfaction at work?

Genuine Smiles

Are you employees smiling naturally? Observe their facial expression while they’re working—not just when you’re greeting them or talking to them. If employees can smile while they’re working, and if they are smiling with their eyes—it’s likely they are happy with their jobs.

They Recommend Process Improvement

Are your employees actively involved their roles? Do they feel free to express ideas that improve processes, productivity, or quality? When employees actively make recommendations, it shows they feel their jobs are worth the investment of their time, thoughts and energy. Their involvement is a good indication of job satisfaction.

Early Arrival

Employees who arrive early enough to start work on time usually have motivation to be productive throughout the day. Habitual tardiness, clock-watching throughout the day and leaving the job right on time or a few minutes early are signs of workplace dissatisfaction.

Low Absenteeism

Happy employees want to come to work. You won’t receive a lot of last-minute calls, texts, or e-mails from employees informing you that they are taking a sick or vacation day.

Foster a Team Environment

Employees who collaborate and maintain a team environment are happier than employees who isolate themselves and insist on working independently. You’ll hear them encouraging and supporting one another, and recognizing one another’s accomplishments. In some companies, the team environment includes socializing after hours.

Care about the Company

Happy employees show they care about the company by conserving its resources, including supplies and utilities, and by being conscious of expenses and budgets. They also do their part in keeping their environment clean, organized and safe from hazards.

They Are Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm at work is a good sign that your employees are happy. Do they speak positively of assignments and projects? Do they participate in team meetings and provide feedback about company activities and team goals? Listen attentively to what individual employees say, and what they don’t say about their jobs, team members and the company.

It can be a challenge to develop and maintain a work culture that keeps employees engaged and happy. Part of your success depends on selecting the right talent to keep the momentum going. At WSi Health Care Personnel, we’re experienced staffing partners who can help you select the right employees for your business goals. Contact us today.