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Whether it’s summer, holiday season or just a getaway, pharmacists need a vacation. Instead of stressing over the time and cost involved in finding a temporary pharmacist before vacation starts, have you thought about using a staffing agency to help you find the right talent? Consider five reasons to leave the hiring process to the experts.

1.     Time and Money Are Involved

On average, it takes about six weeks to hire an employee. When you consider the steps required, it’s easy to see how much time and money are involved:

  • Write an advertisement
  • Post the ad in a newspaper and on job-search websites
  • Review applications and resumes
  • Prepare job-specific, skills-based and behavioral interview questions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Perform reference and background checks
  • Schedule drug screening
  • Process new-hire paperwork

Hiring a staffing agency can save you valuable time and money. How?

2.     Faster Access to Qualified Candidates

An established staffing agency already has a pool of qualified candidates. Screening, interviewing, references, education, work history, licensure and background checks have already been completed. Candidates’ qualifications are thoroughly reviewed before they are referred to you.

A staffing agency makes it easier and faster to identify the right candidate for a temporary pharmacist position. You provide the agency with requirements specific to your store or healthcare facility to narrow your choice of candidates. Your input will expedite process.

Additionally, the temporary pharmacist will be an employee—and on the payroll—of the staffing agency, so the agency will take care of the related paperwork.

3.     Your Temporary Pharmacist Will be Immediately Productive

You’ve told the staffing agency your requirements for a temporary pharmacist, so they will have the skills and experience needed to immediately become productive in your facility. This saves time and money that would otherwise be spent training someone who isn’t familiar with the environment or technology at your store or healthcare facility.

4.     There’s More Workforce Flexibility

Many pharmacies benefit from an ongoing relationship with a staffing agency to project staffing needs for vacations and peak periods. Agencies make it easier to acquire and relieve temporary help. As the workload increases or decreases, you have a measure of flexibility in adding or reducing the number of workers you need, or the number of hours you need them.

5.     There Are Long-Term Advantages

As staffing needs change, using an agency’s temporary pharmacists can help you evaluate work performance for future needs. When a full-time position becomes available, there are advantages to filling it with a candidate whose skills, job performance and work ethic you already value.

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