No matter what, you always want to be perceived as the right one for the job. But even if your resume is great and you have 10 references, you need to know, you can mess up the interview with your appearance. Image really is everything.


Here are a few tips.

Things you’ll need:

  • To be aware
  • Drop the Ego
  • Listen
  • learn


Don't be petty. Refrain from asking questions like where the kitchen is or break room, or perhaps you are curious to know if they have summer outings. Do not show interest in the company’s last pool party or even if they have one. Plus, don't show concern on how small the cubicle is. Focus on what is important like the details of the job, benefits, salary and what the company does.


Never Bad Talk. When asked about your last company speak well of them never bash or trash a co worker or the organization. This makes you look like a back stabber. It's negative, people do not like it and this will cause you to lose the job, no doubt about it.


Do not be a chatty Kathy. Listen more talk less. This is just common sense. No one wants to sit there and hear you speak for the sake of sensationalism. Talking incessantly means you are only interested in one thing, hearing yourself speak. People who do this do not listen nor do they want to hear, they are self absorbed usually and draining. Next time refrain from any bombastic pontification.


Do not be High Maintenance. Don't ask questions about how high the chair is because you have a bad back and how many vacation days you get because you are the type that needs a summer off. Refrain from telling them that you can't stand a cold or hot office. They will perceive you as a waste of time, it's that simple. These are off-target and insignificant.


Do not lie. One lie can really mess up the entire interview. Refrain from exaggerating or embellishing, do not do this just to sound off and make yourself look good. Chances are they will see right through it and those chances are high. You can be confident while still being honest and humble.


Do not Smile too much. Showing the pearly whites a bit too much exudes certain phoniness. This too will be picked up on. Instead just be pleasant and calm and cool. Why not practice to a family member friend or even in front of a mirror.


Never be a small talker. Do not try to fill up the interview with a conversation about the show "big brother" r or how you are spending your summer at the beach. Discuss subject matters regarding the company and industry. Try to find out more about the firm you will hopefully be working for.


Last but not Least, Dress to Impress. Don't walk in with a mini skirt and pumps and guys, please, match your socks to your slacks. No accessories such as cell phones clipped or beepers. Ladies jewelry minimization is very important here; leave the big gold hoops at home save them for the club. You get the picture.