Undisputed, Nursing is a challenge

One of mind, body and soul

With so many frustrations abundant

I had to sit still to procure

All the things in nursing I was Thankful for…

I am Thankful for the courage to face another day

Thankful I’m not lying sick in bed today

Thankful for my Co-workers

Who help to save the days

Thankful for the knowledge I have, and the knowledge I gain

Thankful for my compassion to ease suffering

Thankful for the hearts and souls I’ve met along the way

To some I’ve shared wisdom and others whom shared with me

Thankful for my grace not to judge the souls whose shoes I’ve never been in

Thankful for the angels who help me along the way          

For all the trials and toils I labor in Love

I am Thankful most for my time on this earth

Thankful for my teachers and guides

Whose Love helped me become a nurse