With Valentine's day just a few hours away, we're sure your plans are already set in stone. At least, they better be because finding a reservation now at a restaurant that is even remotely romantic will prove difficult. But for all of you that weren't quick on the draw, there are still plenty of romantic, fun, and most importantly, physically active date ideas to surprise your partner with.

Ice Skating:

Nothing says romance quite like bundling up in warm clothes, grabbing the hand of the one you adore and gliding around aimlessly in circles for hours. When your nose feels like it's going to fall off, surprise your sweetheart with a thermos of dark hot chocolate and strawberries. Then come home and watch Serendipity with the affable John Cusack.

Go Skiing:

Strap on the skis and hit the slopes. This is great on many levels: you get out of the city, enjoy the unseasonably beautiful weather we've been having, breathe fresh air, all while being active.

A Day at the Park:

Check your local forecast, and if the weather's nice enough, spend a day at the park. Bring your kites, frisbee, basketball, baseball and gloves, or maybe another couple and organize some flag football. Enjoy the outdoors!


Find a trailhead near you and spend a day in the wildnerness. Snap pictures, bring a picnic and enjoy the nature surroundings.

Ride Bikes:

We usually ride our bikes to get from point A to point B. Instead, ride aimlessly around parks, up and down side streets, and find cool little spots you never knew existed. It will truly be a day all to yourselves. Rent a tandem bike and make it all the more special.

Indoor Fun:

Just look how much fun the Beatles are having!

If the weather outside is frightful (it's supposed to be 35 degrees and snowing tomorrow in Denver), stay in and have a pillow fight. If that's not your fancy, break out the video games and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Workout Together:

Sweating, grunting, and twisting your body into positions you never thought possible may not sounds like the ideal date, but it can be. Instead of partaking in your regular high-impact, blast your abs and FEEL THE BURN routine, augment it to be a relaxing yoga session or pilates class. Bikram, or Hot, Yoga could prove to be the ultimate aphrodesiac and relaxing experience.

These are just a few ideas that are not only romantic and fun, but will keep you physically active while enjoying the company you're with. If you have an original idea to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below!

And, yes, we know that not everyone has that special someone to spend the day with (your writer included). So spend the day enjoying one of these activities alone, because it's likely you may run into someone else doing the exact same thing. Then, BAM! Connection.

Happy Valentine's Day!