No, not like that.

Let's face it: most mornings, dragging yourself out of bed is hard enough. Layer a workout routine on top of that? Now you're just talking crazy. Thankfully our friends over at MSN Health have developed a neat little round of stretches for the recently awaken.

From the comfort of your own cozy bed, you can kick off the day with a routine to start feeling fit before even leaving the mattress. No need to dread the cold hardwood floors. Follow these simple comfortable contortions and you'll be feeling fit each and every morning.

Upper-Body Fan

The Upper-Body Fan is designed to warm your torso and facilitate breathing by opening your shoulders and upper chest.

While on your back, stretch out your arms with palms up. Bring your knees up, roll them to the right side, and turn your head to the left all the while trying to keep your shoulders touching the bed. Then, bring your left palm in a 180 degree arc over your chest to touch your right palm, letting your head follow your arm. Reverse the move slowly and repeat ten times. Then switch sides.

Gentle Crunches

To warm and tone your core, remove your pillow and lay faceup. Bend your knees and plant your feet on the bed. Press your palms into the mattress near your hips, tighten your abs and lift both shoulder blades off the bed. Hold that position for a complete breath, lower, and repeat 10-15 times.

Rise and Shine Leg Extensions

Lie faceup in bed with knees bent, arms outstretched to the side and palms down. Pull your knees in towrds your torso, pressing the heels together with toes apart. While your heels are touching, straighten knees and extend your legs into the air while pressing your inner thighs together. Hold it for a moment, then bend your knees back toward your chest. Repeat 10 times.

Seated March

To get your heart pounding without so much as standing up, sit on the side of your bed and extend arms in front with palms up. Clench fists and bend your elbows, like you're getting ready to spar with Rocky. With your back straight, raise the left knee while twisting and pulling your right elbow to the left knee. Raise your arms and tap the floor with your left toe. Repeat 10 times and switch sides.

Dress-Up Squats

To get your quads, hamstrings, and glutes burning in the AM, stand with feet hip-width apart and toes forward. Extend your arms in front while holding what you will be wearing that day. With your weight on your heels, sit back and down like you're sitting on a chair. In this semi-sitting position, set down one article of clothing. Return to your standing position and repeat until all of your clothes are laid out in front of you.

Big Book Swing

With your legs apart and knees bent slightly, press a decent-sized book between your palms (a dictionary is preferable). Straighten your arms and lower the book to your outer left ankle. As you stand, sweep the book diagonally to the upper right (think "golf swing"), lift the heel of your left foot and pivot toes inward. Twist back down and repeat 10 times. Switch sides.

Arm Yawn

To give your deltoids, triceps and chest a good workout in the morning, hold one end of the washcloth and rasie your arm up, bending your elbow behind your head. Bend the other arm behind to grab the washcloth and pull gently in opposite directions. Hold this position for 5 breaths and release. Switch arms and repeat.

Towel Lats

Toning your arms is made simple when you stand holding your bath towel taut at both ends. Extend your arms overhead, flex your back and pull the towel down behind your head. Lower it to neck level, return to the start position and repeat 10 times.

If done properly and efficiently, these morning stretches will not only have you seeing significant results in a short amount of time, but they won't take up much of your time that you would normally be spending lazily meandering around the bedroom.

They are designed to give you a nice boost and get the blood flowing, ensuring a productive day. Add a balanced breakfast and you will be feeling on top of the world...all before you're out the door.