It seems most everyone is concerned with trying to drop a few pounds and achieve some sweet tone around the abdominal area. Sure, with moderate to intense exercise routines, this is totally doable.

But isn't a two-pronged attack even better? Sure it is! In addition to the exercises melting the pounds away, EzineArticles gives us some foods that can actually burn the fat off in your body!

Dairy Products

Dairy products don't just strengthen your bones, they burn fat. Studies have shown that women who ate low-fat dairy products 3 to 4 times a day lost 70% more fat than those who ate little dairy. Purdue University conducted its own study showing that those who consumed 3 cups of fat-free milk gained less weight over the course of 2 years than those on low-calcium diets.

So put some creamer in your coffee, eat the yogurt, and dip your veggies: just watch portion size and try to stick to the lower fat varieties.


Nothing better than waking up in the morning, cracking a few eggs, and enjoying a hot little breakfast. But eggs, sometimes, get a bad wrap. Let's debunk it.

Eggs contain lots of protein and are essential to burning fat. And while friends will warn about the cholesterol level, remind them that eggs contain dietary cholesterol which has little effect on your blood cholesterol. It's the dietary fat you have to watch out for; that's what raises your bad cholesterol levels.

Or you can just opt for a yolk-less egg breakfast and still get all the protein. Afterall, the egg white is the most nutritious part.


Beans, beans, the magical fruit. Etc, etc.

While beans may be the cause of windows being opened to air the room out worldwide, they are an essential source of fiber, protein and iron. Kidney, Navy, White, and Lima rank among the healthiest.

The benefit of beans can be lost, though, if prepared in certain ways. Avoid the sugar-packed baked beans and refried beans, which are high in saturated fat. The protein is there, but so is a bunch of extra junk your body doesn't need.


Don't let the unappetizing mushy bowl appearance of oats and fruit fool you. Oatmeal is a terrific way to shed some pounds. It contains soluble fiber which assists in reducing blood cholesterol and flushes evil digestive acids out of your system.

Opt for the unflavored and unsweetened blends of oatmeal. It sounds like no fun, we know, when the flavored kinds are right there next to the boring stuff on the grocery store shelf. When you take into account the extra sugar and butter found in it, you'll be glad you chose the unflavored stuff. Sweeten it up a bit with some fresh fruit or a drop of honey. Now that's good eating.

Olive Oil

The term "good fats" is thrown around more these days than "hope" and "change." But there really are such a thing as good fats, and olive oil is loaded with them.

Rich in monounsaturated fat, olive oil can actually help burn fat, keep your cholesterol in check, and provide you with about 80% of your daily value of the good fat.

It actually may be healthier to take a little pull of olive oil in the mornings, rather than a swig of juice.


Next time you have the itch to reach for some potato chips, consider almonds instead. These little nuts are packed with the good monounsaturated fats, are rich in calcium, and contain a healthy dose of Vitamin E.

Of course, moderation is key, here.

In addition, studies have shown that the phenylalanine and nutrientriboflavin found in almonds actually increases cognitive processes and supports healthy neurological function. AKA, they may make you smarter!

Whole Grains

Low-carb mumbo jumbo is in the news. But your body needs carbohydrates...just not the processed forms found in white breads, bagels, pastas, and white rice.

Whole grains are fiber and minerals your body needs. As people realize that the low-to-no-carb diet is actually counterproductive, more and more organic foods containing whole grains are becoming available. Find them at your local grocer.

Hint: Wheat bread is most-times still loaded with processed carbs. Look for the "whole grain" variety instead.

Lean Meats

Tukey, beef, tuna, and salmon top the list of lean meats that can burn fat from your body. It is all about preparation, though. Basted turkeys are covered in excess junk your body doesn't need and beef is high in saturated fat. When purchasing beef, look for the lean cuts usually indicated by "round" or "loin."

A tuna salad sandwich on wheat bread sounds healthier than, say, a Big Mac, but when the tuna is soaking in mayo, it counters the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are so abundant in the fish. To keep fish good for you and boosting your immune system (lean meats do!), take it in the fresh form


These tips to blasting through body fat make eating still fun. There are a number of combinations even from this list when choosing meals. So, sit down, relax, and have a tasty meal, guilt free.