2008 statistics show 1,437,180 new cases of Cancer among both men and women as well as 565,650 reported deaths. And although there is no cure for Cancer, and in recent studies smoking marijuana has been linked to testicular cancer, there are ways to avoid it.

Become Best Friends With Plants:

A heavy diet of fruits and vegetables, wheat, oats, barley, and quinoa, nuts and seeds, tea, and rich spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, cilantro and basil will flush your body of harmful free radicals and toxins that could cause Cancer. Becoming a vegetarian is not what we're promoting. We're merely saying to get more of these essential plant-based foods into your regular diet.

Get Active Often:

You don't have to enter the Tour De France, the Boston Marathon, or even take up Ultimate Fighting, but being active throughout the day is crucial to keep your body healthy. A few easy ways to achieve this is to park further away from the store you're going to. Don't fight for that close parking when the benefits of walking a few extra steps far outweigh the frustration and stress of waiting for "that idiot to back out of the space. WHAT IS HE DOING??" Also, consider taking the stairs , where available, in lieu of the elevator. A trek up and down the stairs is one of the most overlooked and most beneficial activities one with a desk job can partake in.

Give Yoga a Shot:

Yoga is thousands of years old, practiced by millions, and is said to align your body both mentally and physically. Given its history and multitude of followers and benefits, it seems like it has to work. Try it for yourself!

Hint: The Wii Fit (Advancements in Modern Health) has yoga training built in.

Sleep it Off:

Sleeping seems simple enough. But research shows that an elevated appetite for high calorie and high sugar foods can be caused by sleep loss. Sleep loss also hinders nutritional metabolism and promotes insulin resistance, diabetes and high cholesterol, ultimately leading to weight gain.

Remedy this situation by getting on a sleep schedule, not going to sleep until you're feeling tired, and avoid eating, watching tv, and reading in bed.

Sit Down for a "Meal":

Research shows the eating while we drive, walk, type, read, and watch TV causes us to eat more. Clear all distractions when starting to eat a meal. Sit up straight, take a deep breath and indulge in your meal. Eat slower and free of distractions.

Identify Emotional Eating:

When traumatic events occur in one's life, i.e. being diagnosed with Cancer, it is easy to turn to comfortable things in life to cope, many times meaning food. The first step to remedy this habit is to identify that food has become a comfort source. Secondly, seek the professional help, if necessary, of a health psychologist.

Find and Maintain a Healthy Weight:

For the last 15 years of his life, Mr. Rogers maintained the weight of 143 lbs everyday.

Increased risk for colorectal, post-menopausal breast, pancreatic, kidney and esophageal cancers are associated with obesity and overweight. Excess body weight accounts for at least 20 percent of all cancer-related deaths each year.

Find and maintain a healthy weight. It will not only make the above tips easier to achieve, it will also greatly reduce your risk of Cancer.

Source: MSN.com