You’ve posted the job, made it easy to read, attractive to potential candidates and yet, no one is finishing their application. What are you doing wrong?

·         Is your application user friendly?

Even the most tech-savvy candidates will get frustrated with pages that time out, fields that don’t work properly and pages that don’t load correctly. Go through your app in various browsers and make sure it is easy to finish the application.

·         Does your company have a negative online presence?

Every intelligent person can decipher a negative review from a disgruntled employee, but is there a negative trend throughout the reviews? Do your reviews have the same “cons” on Glassdoor and Google?

·         Do you respond correctly to negative and positive reviews?

Responding to both will show you have a fair approach to criticism and that management knows how to interact with their people.  

·         Can people see what your company is like before coming in for an in-person interview?

Does your social media have candid pictures and information on the company or do you have only stock photos from 2013? By keeping your online presence updated and relevant, you’ll attract quality talent who want to work somewhere they are proud of. 

·         What does your company site say about you?

Is it just the minimal amount of information or does it provide an in-depth look at your company? Even if you only hire one new candidate a year, your site should provide quality information, which will attract quality hires. You probably have application requirements for the candidates, but why should they put in time to their application if you can’t put in the time for your website?

·         Have you kept up with market trends and salaries?

You get what you pay for. Top talent will require top reimbursement, which can be different for each person. They may take less pay but want to work from home. They may not mind being in the office, but will need more vacation days. Keep in mind you need to make your hiring package attractive and competitive for that type of job. 

·         Will you offer top technology to your team?

If the job description lists outdated equipment and your website has pictures of decades-old technology, you won’t attract the smartest talent. 

When you post a job opening, you should make sure your company looks its best. Think of it as a first date. Quality people don’t say yes to mediocre offers, even for a first date. Your company won’t even get a second glance if your online presence isn’t up to par with others in the same industry. Take the time to beef up your company pictures, content and even reviews. To learn more about how to attract top candidates, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel today.