Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about low salaries and high employee turnover rate, but let’s tell the truth: engaged, happy employees rarely leave. There are some instances where pay does affect your employees, but it is not the deciding factor for most. Being unhappy, unappreciated AND underpaid are the main reasons your team members will leave.

What are you doing to invest in employee satisfaction? How important is it in your daily business?

High Turnover Rates

When you are constantly training new people, your team is not running at full capacity. Even if you bring in an extra person to do the training, there will still be the possibility for errors, added complications and even an increased budget for mistakes. Think back to when you had a fully staffed team; everything ran smoothly, mistakes were minimal and productivity was high. Don’t you want it to always be like that? Decrease your turnover rates by keeping your team happy and you’ll see those days again.

Ways to Increase Satisfaction

You don’t have to increase salaries, days off or even have the best breakroom in the country to have your people feel appreciated and happy. Why not have some free snacks and drinks available during the week or a particularly trying day? Train each team member on the equipment you use, during a paid training session; don’t expect them to learn it during a busy day. Show your appreciation with working equipment, tools and software. It may seem like a simple thing, but your team wants to be productive, so show them they are valued by providing them with what they need for success. Recognize their hard work in unique ways. 

Low Turnover Rates

Now your team is happy and running like clockwork. Watch them solve problems more efficiently, smile more and even provide better services to your clients. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued and it will be the daily way you treat them and show your feelings that will make a lasting impression. By taking their satisfaction seriously, you will provide them with a place where they are proud to work, a place where they will get along with their co-workers, and a place where the work is done correctly and efficiently. Can you put a price on that? Contact WSi Healthcare today to learn more.